Samsung Galaxy S9 box snapped revealing a seriously upgraded camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 box snapped revealing a seriously upgraded camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 box snapped revealing a seriously upgraded camera

Most recently, we heard that the Galaxy S9 could be revealed shortly before MWC 2018 in February, so perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that we're seeing the retail box for the device leaking out today. The newly leaked renders doesn't reveal any new information about the phones, and just confirms the previously leaked details. However, a Samsung representative was quoted by ETNews saying that the release of the company's first foldable smartphone might occur during the second half of 2018, so we should probably get ready for some fresh rumors.

Most notably, the new camera. The phone will have dual stereo speakers tuned by AKG and also come with earphones tuned by AKG. Assuming this is, in fact, final Galaxy S9 packaging, then what does it tell us about Samsung's next flagship?

Other specs and features that were nearly certain anyway include an iris scanner, 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage, IP68 water and dust resistance and wireless charging support. The camera will also support super slow-motion video capture.

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Interestingly, as Android Headlines reported, the f/1.5 lens, which in itself is the highest the smartphone segment has seen so far is now available on only another handset which again happens to be another of Samsung's unique offering, the W2018 flip phone.

The alleged Galaxy S9 box also mentions a "super slow-mo" feature, which according to past rumours, might allow the camera to shoot images at 1,000 frames per second. This satisfies the craving for a dual-camera setup capable of shooting those DSLR-level portraits on the phone. Most of the specifications shown on the box look identical to those of the Galaxy S8, but before you sulk into disappointment, there's something worth watching out for.

While LG attempted that a year ago with its G6, the handset was largely ignored by those who found more value in Samsung's Galaxy S8 line. The front camera of the smartphone will be of 8-megapixel with autofocus. Galaxy S8 will be a smaller in size when compared to the Plus variant.

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