Trump calls author of book on him 'a total loser'

Melania Trump

Trump calls author of book on him 'a total loser'

So on the first day of the presidency, when he announces that the inaugural crowds were three or four or five times larger than they actually were, you couldnt say to him Thats not true! Some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semiliterate.

Others agreed that the book is suspect. Now Sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone. And the author confidently defended himself against attacks on his credibility, which have included threats from Trump's lawyers of a libel suit.

On Thursday Rebekah Mercer issued a statement distancing her family from Bannon. Hive are selling the e-book version for £13.99, and it'll be delivered straight to your inbox when it comes out.

Neither the White House nor Moore could be immediately reached for comment on Friday.

Sanders says staffers now see a side of Steve Bannon that is "very, very disappointing".

Wolff's book has set off a firestorm in Washington this week. The acrimony suggests a permanent split between the president and the strategist who helped him win the White House.

Trump and the White House slammed Wolff over his book after excerpts of it were released this week, painting an unflattering view of his administration.

"The drama is really what's driving interest", she said.

The investigation by Mueller, a former FBI director, is looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to help get him elected - a charge the president has repeatedly and vehemently denied.

Despite President Trump's efforts to stop publication, the explosive, new tell-all book about Trump's first year in office hit bookshelves Friday. He would come out of this campaign, Trump assured Ailes, with a far more powerful brand and untold opportunities.

Wolff told NBC's Today show the president is wrong. "They spoke once by the phone for a few minutes, but it wasn't about the book".

"Where do I send a box of chocolates?" he said.

The book claims that for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, the president was an "idiot". Bannon said that Jared Kushner was involved in money laundering schemes that also roped in the Trump organization itself both in the United States and operating in other countries.

Wolff said Friday he had spoken to Trump since the inauguration.

In an interview with CNN, Mr Tillerson responded: I've never questioned his mental fitness.

Trump didn't read. He didn't really even skim. The publisher instead moved up the release date to Friday.

It already has cost him a key backer.

In a morning tweet, Trump did not mention author Michael Wolff or his sensational book Fire and Fury by name, but said "the Fake News Media (Mainstream) and this phony new book are hitting out at every new front imaginable".

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