A Huge Mudslide Just Tore Through California. This Is The Aftermath

Rescue Crews Race Time to Find Missing People in Montecito

Rescue Crews Race Time to Find Missing People in Montecito

Morgan Corey, 25, is still missing after the mudslides in Montecito, Calif., destroyed their family home on Tuesday.

"Right now our assets are focused on determining if anyone is still alive in any of those structures that have been damaged", Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

The mudslides, which came in the early morning hours of Tuesday, killed at least 18 people and destroyed dozens of homes.

Since the mudslide caused the partial closure of one of California's most celebrated coastal roads, Highway 101, Nash, like many county residents, has been taking the train from the beach town into Santa Barbara proper for work every day. Many people are without power or running water.

Looking back, Farrell says he regrets not evacuating his parents.

"We're going to do what we do", Winfrey said.

Numerous deaths and injuries occurred at locations that were not under mandatory evacuation for flooding, but weeks earlier, said areas were evacuated during a series of fires. "This remains a very active search and rescue mission."In updating the missing figure, Brown said that the precise number could fluctuate significantly".

Search and rescue team workers walk past a demolished property in Montecito on January 12, 2018.

Billy Grokenberger lives in a part of Montecito that was under a voluntary evacuation order.

Santa Barbara fire Captain Gary Pitney said the likelihood is increasing that rescue crews will be finding bodies instead of survivors at this point. ". We didn't take it serious (ly) enough". "(It) surrounded the house, 2 to 3 feet".

"There are four juveniles on the list", he said. "I don't know how I got lulled".

"We got it out, got the mud out of its mouth".

A factor contributing to the disaster was the suite of wildfires that hit the region, rendering the soil unable to absorb the deluge that hit the region during the most recent winter storm.

The fires burned most vegetation, leaving flawless conditions for the latest disaster to unfold.

The Thomas Fire, in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, is 92 percent contained and has burned over 280,000 acres and destroyed almost 1,000 structures, leading to unsafe mud and debris flows following recent heavy rains. It wasn't fully contained until this week.

DeGeneres detailed the mandatory evacuations that she and wife Portia de Rossi undertook during both the fires and the mudslides, noting that families of all backgrounds were, and continue to be, affected. "This is an enormous loss for our community".

For days, officials advised residents in areas burned by the Thomas fire that a coming storm could bring major mudflows.

What can be done?

With most utilities out of commission or about to be cut off, staying behind was not really an option for many.

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