Critical Flaw Identified in Intel Processors

Performance impact of the recent security updates should not be significant and will be mitigated

Performance impact of the recent security updates should not be significant and will be mitigated

Of course there is a chance cybercriminals and hostile actors will try to use this time to get the unaware to download and install false software marked as a patch. However, "because of existing public reports and growing speculation in the press and security research community about the issue, which raises the risk of exploitation" it has pulled the trigger early.

A fundamental design flaw in Intel's processor chips that is forcing a redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels has already been fixed by Apple in macOS 10.13.2, released last December.

The three complaints, which have been filed in the days after revelations that Intel chips are vulnerable to these security bugs, cite Intel's "failure to disclose" the security vulnerability in a timely fashion.

"This leaves the company [Intel] in an uncomfortable situation", said Chris Foxx, the BBC's technology reporter.

The security researchers recently discovered two critical security vulnerabilities in Intel, AMD and ARM chipsets.

There's good and bad news about Spectre: the, relatively, good news is that it's a harder flaw to exploit, not something that's likely to be exploited by the archetypal teenage hacker sitting in his bedroom, but it's a weakness that could well be exploited by state security services and criminal gangs.

The first, called Meltdown, affects Intel chips and lets hackers bypass the hardware barrier between applications run by users and the computer's memory, potentially letting hackers read a computer's memory and steal passwords.

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Consumers should check with their device maker and operating system provider for security updates and install them as soon as possible. It allows an attacker to trick error-free programs, which follow best practices, into leaking their secrets.

Meanwhile, Microsoft issued an emergency update for Windows to add protection against the processor bug.

Experts have identified a vulnerability in Intel processors that allows attackers to access files and data stored in the kernel's memory. We'll update the article once more information is available.

The world and its dog have been following the rather scary story of the Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits. However, Intel says that it is speaking out early to combat "inaccurate media reports" that are making the rounds.

Probably, yes. But you should not panic as we are not aware of any exploits.

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