Google and Amazon Battle It Out In CES 2018

Today, Lenovo has introduced its new Smart Display which is equipped with some of the most advanced technical features including Google's own, Voice Assistant. Google's long-term aim seems to be about making it possible for Assistant users to purchase things online, which remains a unique selling point for Amazon's Alexa. Sleep Number's 360 Smart Bed (starts at $2,000) will soon let you ask "Hey Google, how did I sleep last night?" We like free stuff. It's the first time the search giant has been so visible at the trade show, and shows that Google is finally getting smart about its smart home plans.

Google traded more than 1 Home smart device each second ever since it began exporting in October previous year, taking the numbers of sales to more than 6 Million, the firm has declared this week. The company's voice-based digital assistant has been rolled out to millions of smart devices since its launch and will be seen in even more products this year including smart speakers, smart displays and Android Auto, among other things. But apparently, that wasn't the real Google Assistant.

Google is gradually expanding its voice assistant service to more and more devices and platforms. The company plastered the "Hey Google" command to launch its digital assistant all over Las Vegas.

JBL, LG and Lenovo are all having a crack at their own smart hubs that come with a built-in screen, but it's not Alexa running the show - it's Google Assistant instead. While the company didn't directly attend the event, their product Alexa was found in a range of devices including Kohler's mirror which had the AI inside it. Sounds more like the one from the fairy tales but it was an actual product.

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That's what the results of a new survey from NPR and Edison Research confirm, as devices like Amazon's Echo and Google's Home continue to grow in popularity.

It makes sense for Google to get on board with numerous hardware partners. LG, for example, makes smartphones that support Assistant, but also Alexa-enabled appliances. In this view, Alexa (the assistant) is more important than the Echo itself.

Both displays lack distinct Lenovo or Google branding. Google just recently blocked YouTube from the Amazon Alexa-powered Echo Show, meaning the YouTube feature is incredibly valuable to setting this product apart from other similar ones.

We're becoming less embarrassed about talking to a machine as well, only 16% of consumers feel uncomfortable using voice commands in front of other people.

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