My relation with Kim Jong-un is very good: Donald Trump

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The case for using military force against North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have waged a war of words in the past year, with the U.S. President warning he would have no choice but to "totally destroy" North Korea if America was forced to defend itself or its allies.

One senior Trump official told the Times that the past year had been a "humbling lesson" in the limits of American surveillance against a closed-off North Korea whose leader has placed nuclear weapons proliferation on the same level as economic development.

Further working-level talks are expected next week before a meeting on January 20 at International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne.

SOUTH Korea has proposed marching together with North Korea at next month's Winter Olympics opening ceremony and also forming a joint women's ice hockey team, a government minister said today. But reaching consensus with South Korea, or even within the USA government, on what actions by the North Koreans would trigger a military response or preventive strike is incredibly hard, he added. I'm sure it has a different meaning for different countries, especially for the USA and China.

While Moon has been more open to the idea of engagement than either of his two conservative predecessors, he said Seoul and Washington shared a common aim: the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. This may indeed be partially correct, as the latest sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on December 22 have severely restricted the supply of fuel to the North. "President Trump is aware of the consequences". -North Korean talks. A senior State Department official told me he hopes face-to-face talks will start before the Olympics end; the US will characterize the goal as eventual de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, who ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011, directed previous rounds of grisly purges of non-socialist elements to fortify his grip on power. It was a rare example of a North Korean official telling the truth.

My relation with Kim Jong-un is very good: Donald Trump
My relation with Kim Jong-un is very good: Donald Trump

Trump argues that his nuclear brinkmanship over the past year has worked. Even as he first made overtures to the South in his new year's speech, Mr Kim reiterated the "reality" that North Korea is a nuclear state and will "mass-produce" nuclear weapons.

The South Korean official claimed the North Korean players would not "come at the expense of South Korean players".

The prevailing view at the State Department is that military action is not worth the huge risk, a senior US official said. South Korea, in contrast, is already within striking distance of the North's massive conventional, nuclear and suspected chemical and biological arsenal. "And we'll be seeing over the next number of weeks and months what happens". But its actions after that would depend on whether its scientists feel the need for further missile and nuclear tests to refine their dependability.

Hecker told the Times that North Korea needed "at least two more years and several more missile and nuclear tests" to ideal a weapon to threaten USA cities.

Pence will hold meetings with leaders in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan where he will stress the USA commitment to stability in the region.

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