Nintendo Direct reveals Dark Souls is coming to Switch

The Nintendo Direct Mini can be watched in full below.

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In a total surprise, Nintendo revealed that a cult-classic JRPG named "The World Ends With You" is getting a makeover for the Switch. The real meat and potatoes of the set come with the extras that are included. The game will release on the Switch on May 4th.

Not only had Nintendo clawed its way back out of the hole it had dug itself into, but it had done so with a console that was basically the Wii U 2.0. That doesn't mean a change in game engine is out of the question, but this will look pretty similar to the version of Dark Souls we already know. Nintendo never revealed there would be a Nintendo Direct on January 11th. Previous Mario Tennis games made it very obvious what type of shot your opponents played, so hopefully this game presents a bit more of a challenge.

No official date is kicking around yet but straight from the mouth of Nintendo themselves, we can expect the new game sometime this coming spring. Nintendo is aiming to serve up the game this spring. Those who never got a chance to experience the original TWEWY now have the chance to play a title that many have gleefully sunk hours into.

The impeccable Super Mario Odyssey gets a new competitive game mode and an appearance by the well-known plumber's too frequently ignored brother. "Final Remix launches this year".

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As part of their continued support, Fe will find itself at home with Nintendo's solid history of platforming titles. Meanwhile, the SNK fighting game spin-off, "SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy", will also be available for Nintendo's console later this summer.

So, are fans just excited about the Switch because it isn't the Wii U?

The item that you'll notice at first glance is the pair of bookends featuring the cover art knight from the game.

Whether another Direct happens or not, you can be sure to check in for updates on Nintendo's plans with OnlySP's Twitter and Facebook.

During a much-hyped Nintendo Direct Mini (hyped despite Nintendo never actually advertising its existence before it dropped online) the company announced a slew of titles and updates for release during 2018's first quarter. That also includes all of the premium DLC that was released.

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