Ellen Gets Emotional Over Mudslide Devastation Near Montecito Home

First Responders Home After Montecito Mudslides

First Responders Home After Montecito Mudslides

Crews are rescuing residents from homes as mud and debris from wildfire-scarred hillsides inundate Southern California neighborhoods during a powerful winter storm.

Santa Barbara County announced the new evacuation order in a press release at 7:30 p.m. local time Thursday evening.

"A majority of Montecito and that whole area is in the Stone Age right now", Eliason said Wednesday.

Santa Barbara County officials chose not to send an emergency alert to cellphones warning of mudslides until destructive flooding had already begun in Montecito, officials said Wednesday.

The correction follows an early Thursday update that raised the number to 48, but the incident management team then issued retraction saying there had been a clerical error.

The founder of a Roman Catholic school and four children were among the victims of a deadly series of mudslides in Santa Barbara County, California, that killed 17 people along the coast, officials said yesterday. "We certainly hope there are going to be far fewer than that. We're going to help each other out wherever needed".

Many others here ignored the same inner voice, finely tuned over weeks, months and in some cases lifetimes of living in a place where fires, floods and earthquakes are always a possibility, especially as the climate changes in a way that emphasizes the extremes.

Farrell along with his parents and their dog took refuge in their hallway filled thigh-high with water for more than an hour as the flood rushed through their home, The ABC reported. Sixty-five homes confirmed destroyed and more than 400 damaged.

Officials in Santa Barbara County announced 65 single-family homes were destroyed and almost 450 sustained damage. One such rescue was a boy who was found under an overpass Tuesday morning, according to the New York Times.

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The story was one of many dramatic rescues following the mudslides.

She told her instagram followers: "Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern".

The U.S. Geological Survey, in a study of wildfires and debris flows in Southern California, notes that post-fire debris flows are most common within two years of a fire and are usually triggered by heavy rainfall. "Mud came in an instant, like a dam breaking". He woke to the sound of pounding rain early Tuesday and went outside to investigate.

"Oh Lord, I am praying for the sweet town of Montecito". People who are in their homes waiting to be rescued, they don't know what's happening because there's no power, there's no water. "I feel like I escaped".

'There was a moment where I turned and apologized to my folks because I didn't force them to evacuate.

"We know that this is a terribly inconvenient development, but it is also incredibly necessary", Brown said. Many streets near the downtown area remain impassible for vehicles with pools of liquid mud up to two feet deep.

The storm picked up in intensity about 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, with the worst of the rainfall occurring in a 15-minute span starting at 3:30 a.m. Montecito got more than a half-inch in five minutes, while Carpinteria received almost an inch in 15 minutes, according to the National Weather Service.

Joe Orcutt, a trucker for Sacramento-based Devine Intermodal, had to stop at San Paso on the morning of January 9 after his dispatcher realized he would not be able to deliver the glass bottles he was hauling to Santa Barbara.

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