Government resumes accepting applications to renew DACA

President Trump has said he'll let the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program expire in March but he's dangling a renewal in front of Congress saying he'll sign it if they also include funding for his border wall

Government resumes accepting applications to renew DACA

Negotiations bogged down, however, amid reports that Trump told lawmakers he would rather have more immigrants from Norway and fewer from "shithole countries" including Haiti and some African nations. One participant at the meeting on Sunday denied that Trump used the term and another said he did not recall Trump making such comments. Without getting to broader issues like guest worker programs they can deal with DACA and border security.

Georgia's David Perdue - one of the senators at the meeting about immigration with Mr Trump - told U.S. network ABC that reports have inflated the president's comments.

Trump offered a vague denial Friday, and on Sunday he declared the talks to be failing.

They don't want to stop drugs, and they want to take money away from our military, which we can not do.

South Carolina Republican Sen.

When it came to talk of extending protections for Haitians, Durbin said Trump replied, "We don't need more Haitians'". Yet it turns out Mexico won't be paying for Trump's proposed wall, and it's looking likelier American citizens will be financing the construction of said wall, if it ever happens. The program shielded these immigrants, often referred to as "Dreamers", from deportation and granted them work permits.

GOP leaders had moved sharply away from anything the "group of six" were working on, and were informed the White House would be with them. He tweeted earlier on Sunday that the existing program would "probably" be discontinued.

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"For the reasons DACA was instituted", Alsup wrote, "and for the reasons tweeted by President Trump, this order finds that the public interest will be served by DACA's continuation" during the litigation.

Thus, the Dreamers are being used as poker chips in a deal both sides can support. Congress needs to pass a budget soon, or face a government shutdown, but some Democrats, including Rep. Mark Pocan, have said they will not vote for more funding until DACA is addressed. "To impugn [his] integrity is disgraceful".

Trump is expected to visit San Diego Jan. 30 to visit the wall prototypes constructed in 2017. But everyone also understands that doing so might send a signal overseas to bring kids here illegally, which we don't want to encourage.

Senator Michael Bennet: I - I - I, Chuck, I hope it doesn't come to that. "There's no question what he said was un-American and completely unmoored from the facts". By stipulating that there would be no relief for DREAMers without a major overhaul of the immigration system, Trump is upping the ante to get what he wants on border security and immigration reform by separating DACA from the spending bill.

US President Donald Trump today pushed for a merit-based immigration system, saying he wants only those people who can help America become "strong and great again".

Lawmakers and other politicians were at odds Sunday about whether they think Congress will be able to reach an immigration deal amid the outcry over President Donald Trump's remarks about immigrants from certain countries last week.

Visas offered by lottery would be reallocated to other immigration programs.

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