I'm not a racist, says Trump

The government is financed through Friday

The government is financed through Friday

The president and congressional negotiators are looking for a permanent fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, that granted temporary deportation amnesty to "Dreamers", the illegal immigrants brought to the U.S.as children.

As NPR and other outlets reported last week, it was Trump who rejected a tentative agreement reached by a small, bipartisan group of senators that would have allowed DACA recipients permanent residency in the US and a path to citizenship. Trump allegedly said he'd rather have more immigrants from Norway, a predominately white country, and fewer from "shithole countries" in Africa and said the USA didn't need anymore people from Haiti.

"I think this man, this President, is taking us back to another place", John Lewis, a Georgia congressman who was on the front lines of the 1960s civil rights movement, said on Sunday on ABC's This Week. "And it seems to do everything that was asked of them".

"I had to whip very vigorously before Christmas", Meadows said.

"The President's repulsive, racist comments the other day suggests that he is more interested in shutting down than resolving this issue", Van Hollen said. Trump announced a year ago he would cancel the Obama administration's executive order allowing DACA, but had repeatedly urged Congress to work out a new policy and voiced his support for the so-called dreamers, including last week when he called for a "bill of love".

Republican Senator David Perdue, who was at the same White House meeting and had said he did not recall whether Trump made the comment, was more explicit on Sunday.

Yet experts say voters are unlikely to buy into that narrative, given that Republicans not only have unified control of Washington, but Trump personally scuttled a deal with his "shithole" remark. A Republican attendee, Sen.

The divide between the White House and Congress on this issue that was exposed after the President's dismissal of a bipartisan deal dims any chances of a spending bill with DACA language passing this week. "And let the people who want to play politics, let them play politics, but that's not what this moment is about".

Back in his home state of IL on Monday, Durbin said he stands by his claim, and he called on the White House to release an audiotape it might have of the meeting.

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One continued sticking point that has made it hard for Republicans to work together is the ongoing dispute over whether Trump referred to a number of nations as "s**thole countries", while saying that he'd rather have Norwegian immigrants, according to The New York Times. Sen.

Others expressed hope for concrete progress on thorny immigration topics as well as a spending deal that would remove the threat of a partial shutdown for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Durbin said the remarks were "vile, hate-filled and clearly racial in their content". "This is the President's fault".

But this time around, Republicans might not have as much support from Democrats.

Republicans need nine Democratic votes in the Senate to pass a short-term bill.

"Honestly I don't think the Democrats want to make a deal", Trump said.

"He is being run by Stephen Miller", McAuliffe said.

Foreign nationals never previously granted DACA benefits are not eligible to file. "He wants a deal to announce, and he wants his approval ratings to go up".

House minority whip Steny Hoyer told reporters during a pen and pad briefing Tuesday afternoon that House Democrats have not made a decision on whether they will urge their conference to oppose the CR or not.

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