White House pushes back on claim that Trump has heart disease

It's time to stop fat shaming Donald Trump

White House pushes back on claim that Trump has heart disease

President Donald Trump requested that his first formal medical exam include a cognitive test and "did exceedingly well", receiving a score of 30 out of 30, the top White House doctor announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The Democrats may be less inclined to cooperate now that President Trump is on the defensive after global media criticism that he assailed "s--hole countries"-although the Washington Post, National Review's Rich Lowry and others say aides are now insisting that the president said "s--house countries".

"The president's overall health is excellent", he said.

Trump asked his physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, to add a cognitive screening test to the exam, and authorized him to release a battery of data from the tests.

As Washington draws closer to a government shutdown and bipartisan negotiations over immigration continue to devolve, lawmakers are still debating the exact profanity President Donald Trump is accused of using to describe certain foreign countries.

He said that while Trump "doesn't have a daily exercise regiment", Trump "has a lot of energy, a lot of stamina". "He has incredible genes I just assume", Jackson said.

Jackson credited the results to genetics.

When he was in Iraq in 2006, while serving as the physician in charge of resuscitative medicine for a deployed platoon, Jackson was chosen as the White House physician.

Instead it has spawned a movement of people who believe Mr Trump may have fudged his height so he could avoid being assessed as obese. Trump has said that he has never smoked or imbibed alcohol, which Jackson said has contributed to the president's good health.

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Citing people close to the President, Wolff has said the President has begun repeating three stories in conversations in less than 10 minutes, when he used to repeat stories in about a 30-minute window.

Lindsey Graham of SC said Trump had drastically changed his tune on a compromise immigration bill just before the Thursday meeting.

Undergoing a physical is voluntary, and Trump can pick and choose what the public learns about his health.

White House officials tried to offer clarity on the two-hour period Thursday morning that saw Trump move from requesting a briefing on a potential immigration breakthrough to graphically rejecting the agreement reached by Graham and Sen.

Jackson said that Trump, who weighs 108 kgs and stands 6 feet 3 inches tall, "would like to lose ..."

Mishori said Trump's vital signs, blood tests and physical examinations suggest "he seems to be on track, what you would want to see in a 71-year-old overweight male".

"We discussed diet, exercise, and weight-loss", the doctor said.

Trump's cholesterol reading from Friday's exam was borderline high even though he takes a low dose of the statin drug Crestor.

Jackson said he would consult with nutritionists and work out an exercise program for the president.

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