FLASHBACK: Schumer Said Shutting Down Government Over Immigration Would Be 'Chaos'

President Trump tweeted about the possibility Friday morning.

McConnell said, "T$3 he bill that's before us, that we just voted to proceed to, I believe enjoys the support - every element of it enjoys the support of nearly everybody on both sides of the aisle". It included the repeal of some Affordable Care Act taxes, as well as a six-year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

House Republicans are expected to vote on the short-term deal Thursday night.

Congress Democrats and Republicans have a deadline of midnight on January 19 to determine if they can find a way to fund the government and keep the doors open. Mike Rounds, a South Dakota Republican who had told CNN earlier Thursday that he would not vote for the bill, told reporters he would now support it, following assurances from GOP leadership that defense appropriations would have regular order.

The House passed the measure known as a continuing resolution (CR) Thursday night. Trump invited Schumer during that call.

As a government shutdown loomed, the White House said Friday that President Donald Trump would not leave for a planned weekend in Florida unless a spending bill passes.

But a mix of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate who oppose the House bill for varying reasons left the measure in a precarious spot. And Politico says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already planning for a shutdown.

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Senator Jon Tester blasted his colleagues in Congress today for continued failure to pass a long-term federal spending bill. He says he struck a deal with House Speaker Paul Ryan that would bolster military spending and allow a future vote on a conservative immigration bill.

Smith said sarcastically. "I mean, never in the history of - at least modern history of the country - has there been a government shutdown when a single party is in charge of Washington". Democrats are holding out for a deal to protect immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children. The last time the government shutdown was 2013, and it lasted 16 days.

Democrats are rejecting the package because it lacks an immigration deal to protect so-called Dreamers from deportation.

"We'll see what happens, it's up to the Democrats", Trump said.

Apart from Democrats, some Republicans - including Sens.

"Even if not one Dreamer ever existed, we would still have a problem", she said, adding that the real issue with the budget negotiations is the "lack of willingness of Reps ((Republicans)) to support a domestic agenda increase".

Shortly before the vote, the House Freedom Caucus said a majority of its members had voted to approve the measure, making passage more certain.

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