May to pledge extra £44m for the Channel border

LBC GETTYNigel Farage urged Britain to reject the French President's deal

LBC GETTYNigel Farage urged Britain to reject the French President's deal

THERESA May and Emmanuel Macron re-enacted Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscars selfie as she tweeted a cheesy message about her summit with the French leader yesterday.

"Ours is a uniquely close relationship between two of the world's oldest and greatest democracies".

It was the final act of the UK-France Summit, which started with the two leaders having lunch at a Michelin-starred gastro-pub in Maidenhead.

"The British have the same determination as us to say, 'Brexit is one thing, it's taking up all our energy, but the determination of both sides is to maintain, develop and cultivate this partnership" in terms of defence, a French government source said.

And France will in 2019 contribute troops to the UK-led battlegroup in Estonia to counter Russian aggression.

In a statement about the military cooperation, Theresa May emphasised the UK's continued link to Europe post-Brexit. It will go on display at an unspecified British venue in 2022.

Since becoming President last May, Macron has been pressing Germany and other European Union states to forge closer defence ties.

The French President pointed out there were two options - the Norway model or a Canada-style free trade deal.

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It's Macron's first visit to Britain since he became president of France in May 2017.

"We'll boost British financial support to the securization of transport infrastructure, border police and security and we'll raise this question of economic development", the presidential adviser said. "We are doing it together".

"More than a century on from the "entente cordiale" let us celebrate our own "entente chaleureuse".

France's centre-left Le Monde says President Macron will make "more modest demands" of Theresa May on the migrant issue, compared to his earlier proposal to have Britain deal with migrants on its own soil.

Macron will meet Britain's May in England tomorrow to discuss Brexit, migration and the Le Touquet accord, a 2003 treaty that allows Britain to establish its border in France, and France to run its border checks in Britain.

The Jungle camp of migrants near Calais may have been disbanded, but as Sky News reported, those desperate to reach the United Kingdom still continue to gather. The younger Royals are increasingly being used in a charm offensive with Europe as the Brexit negotiations continue.

The mayor of a small commune in Aquitaine, in south-west France, has written to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, requesting the return of an 11th-century reliquary bust of Saint Yrieix (also known as Saint Aredius).

The artwork depicts the Battle of Hastings and the events leading up to William the Conqueror's Norman conquest of England in 1066. "And today we can confirm that the UK-France Combined Joint Expeditionary Force will be ready to deploy up to 10,000 troops quickly and effectively to face any threat by 2020", Ms May said.

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