Aced it: Doc says Trump got flawless score on cognitive test

Aced it: Doc says Trump got flawless score on cognitive test

Aced it: Doc says Trump got flawless score on cognitive test

Details on the president's fitness were read out by Dr. Ronny Jackson, a rear admiral in the Navy and the White House physician since 2013, when he was appointed to his role by former President Barack Obama. (Past presidents used a converted bedroom on the top floor to work out in privacy.) Mr. Vickey, who said he was involved in helping get a treadmill installed on Air Force One for George W. Bush, said that Mr.

Yet even with Trump's ideal score, folks on the Left - including many in the briefing room - scrambled to make sense of information that did not comport with their preconceived notions of this president's mental fitness.

Ronny Jackson said he administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment during Trump's physical exam Friday afternoon at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and said the president achieved a score of 30 points.

This a test that you are supposed to pass with flying colours, consisting as it does on identifying pictures of lions and being able to draw a clock face. However, the results of Donald Trump's recent medical check-up has sparked an online conspiracy theory - the girther movement.

Identifying animals and reciting a list of words are among the type of challenges contained in the cognitive fitness test taken by US President Donald Trump.

But, so far, Trump has not this week held emergency meetings with congressional leaders or rank and file members at the White House.

Jackson said the president could stand to lose 10 to 15 pounds.

"Technically, he has nonclinical coronary atherosclerosis", Jackson told reporters.

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When pressed about Trump's infamous Twitter habits, Jackson said he couldn't explain that behavior.

Out of adults over the age of 18, 51.7 per cent met the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic activity, and 21.7 per cent of adults meet the aerobic and muscle strengthening activity guidelines, according to the CDC. He's been unwilling in the past to disclose information that candidates and presidents typically reveal, such as his tax returns. The result was a 50-minute live presser, turning the usually tepid release of the annual medical report of the President into an intense affair.

At 6 feet 3 inches tall and 239 pounds, by medical measurements, the president is considered overweight and almost obese.

As for medicines, Trump now has prescriptions for Crestor, for lowering cholesterol; Aspirin; Propecia, for hair loss; Soolantra Cream for rosacea; and a multivitamin.

Examining the White House physician's briefing on President Trump's physical, I was alarmed - not about the president's health, but the doctor's.

"We're talking about a 70-plus-year-old man who is obese and doesn't exercise".

Mr. Trump does not exercise at all, and even rides a cart from hole to hole while playing golf.

His diet isn't known to have changed from the high-calorie dishes he has favored in the past: well-done steak with ketchup, meatloaf, hamburgers, vanilla ice cream, salads with blue cheese dressing and chocolate cake. Moreover, he has a healthy lifestyle including abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.

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