Funding for CHIP Included in Proposed Spending Bill

Jimmy Kimmel spoke out about the Children's Health Insurance Program on Jan. 18 2018

Funding for CHIP Included in Proposed Spending Bill

But now, with Democrats threatening to shut down the federal government until a solution is found for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Republicans have chose to attach a six-year extension - with no spending cuts attached - to a short-term spending bill. But Democrats would still be left with a hard political decision: withhold their votes unless the plight of such immigrants, known as Dreamers, is addressed and risk a government shutdown, or vote to keep the government open and fund the Children's Health Insurance Program [known as CHIP -ed.], which provides coverage for almost nine million children.

A number of Democrats have indicated they won't vote for short-term government funding without a deal on DACA - something House Republicans hoped to undercut with the introduction of CHIP funding. It was unclear as of Thursday night whether the spending bill would pass, and with it CHIP, or whether the government would shut down and CHIP continue to lapse as well.

Based on the administration's estimates, the short-term CHIP money should be enough to fund all states through January 19 or possibly the end of the month. So surely if they plucked out the Children's Health Insurance Program from the expiration pile and offered to renew it for six years, Democrats would leap at the chance - or at least not be able to resist it. "This is petty and ridiculous". Republican politicians (except for Lindsey Graham and maybe a couple of his allies) would rather shut the entire government down than help kids in need.

In the vote that spurred this shutdown, five out of 48 Senate Democrats voted with Republicans.

The Children's Health Insurance Program, lacking long-term funding authorization since October, is about to start running out of money.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) accused Democrats Thursday of holding health funding for children hostage over "unrelated issues" like a proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants brought to America as children.

"The Democratic majority would never have allowed CHIP to expire". Nationwide, some 9 million children and pregnant women are covered by CHIP.

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Since CHIP was created, the percentage of eligible children without coverage nationwide has fallen from 22.8 percent in 1997 to 6.7 percent in 2015, according to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission, known as MACPAC.

The tweet comes as the Republican leadership advances a bill that funds the government for 28 days while also funding the CHIP program for six years.

Hours after Trump's tweet, the White House tried to walk it back. "On the Republican side we're interested in what his views are, and those have not been made fully apparent yet", he said. It will only partially curb government operations.

Abner Merriweather, president of the American Federal of Government Employees who represents approximately 11,000 federal employees at Redstone, told WHNT-TV on Friday that employees have received no guidance from the Army about what to anticipate. I have brought Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to visit with La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) and Central American refugees at the Humanitarian Respite Center, partnered with Congressman Filemon Vela to "Build Bridges, Not Walls", and worked with my neighbors to the west Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Will Hurd to support commonsense solutions for border security and emphasize the need for positive relationships with our neighbors in Mexico and Central America.

"And you better understand what you're doing...checks to military widows and widowers will stop, we're have to close down community health centers, we'll have to close down opioid treatment centers", Kennedy said.

Juan Escalante, a DACA beneficiary who works for the America's Voice immigration reform advocacy group, says the emotional trauma of watching Washington's twists and turns is becoming nearly too much to bear.

The latest logjam is far from the first time that Washington's dysfunction has put the welfare of millions at risk. A hashtag #SchumerShutdown has been trending on Twitter feeds of numerous congressional Republicans, including Shelby, Byrne, Roby and Aderholt. "This CHIP should have been done in September, first of all".

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