Mulvaney has been at center of last 2 government shutdowns

President Donald Trump shakes hands with supporters after arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport Monday Dec. 4 2017 in Salt Lake City

Mulvaney has been at center of last 2 government shutdowns

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Sunday that doing away with the filibuster to end the government shutdown would be "the end to the Senate" as it has always existed.

If Democrats hold together as they did late on Friday night, then that motion would not get the needed 60 votes to end debate, meaning the shutdown would hit government offices on Monday morning.

"For years, under both a Republican and Democrat-controlled Congress and White House, partisanship has taken precedent over national security", he said.

Most Democrats in both houses are not willing to vote on Republican legislation that includes none of their priorities.

"Democrats are far more concerned with illegal immigrants than they are with our great military or safety at our risky southern border", he said. Democrats largely opposed the bill because it did not include legal protections for DREAMers, the undocumented immigrants who came to the children and were covered under an Obama-era order.

In the midst of the stalemate, President Trump's re-election campaign released an ad declaring that "Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants", a stance that did little to improve the negotiating climate. Democrats continued to blame Republicans for being disingenuous and untrustworthy, demanding they get serious and stop kicking the can further down the road. And both blame President Trump for his vagueness on the entire situation.

Democratic lawmakers challenged the president to get more involved and to accept bipartisanship.

Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of IL said he believes the president is undercutting Republicans' negotiation strategy, arguing his rhetoric on issues like DACA further the divide.

Many Republicans are anxious that their party will be blamed for the shutdown and further damage their chances against an anticipated "blue tsunami" of Democratic victories in the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump has expressed sympathy for DACA recipients in the past, even at risk of angering his electoral base.

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Mulvaney's definition of "cool" is unclear-during the last shutdown in 2013, 850,000 "non-essential" federal workers were told not to report to work over its 16 days.

"And I think if they get over that, there's a chance this thing gets done before 9 o'clock on Monday morning when folks come to work", he said.

There had been modest hope on Friday when Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer went to the White House to talk with Trump. Mr Schumer said Mr Trump reneged on the deal and did not do enough to sell it to Republicans, having "backed off at the first sign of pressure".

Senate Republicans say they are unable to bind House Republicans to any deal.

President Donald Trump a year ago scrapped the program, asking Congress to come up with a permanent solution before March.

Vice President Mike Pence in a statement also criticised the Democrats, saying: "Our administration worked in good faith to put a bipartisan deal on the table that would strengthen our borders, end chain migration, eliminate the visa lottery, and deal compassionately with DACA".

"I'll say it again to the American people: We'll be right back at this tomorrow and for as long as it takes".

"In a transparent political ploy, Senate Democrats prioritized amnesty for select illegal immigrants over governing, supporting our military, and providing health insurance to poor and middle-income children".

Protesters, part of a 500,000 strong crowd, during the Women's Rally on the one-year anniversary of the first Women's March, when millions marched around the world to protest US President Donald Trump's inauguration, in Los Angeles, California.

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