On Heels of Tax Bill Savings, Apple Touts $30B US Investment Plan

The repatriation will also see Apple, seen by critics as one of the planet's worst tax avoiders, pay a massive $US38 billion ($48 billion) in tax to the United States federal coffers.

The iPhone maker said in a statement it plans to use some of its foreign cash stockpile, which qualifies for reduced tax rates under a recent bill, to invest in new projects. The importance of the European Commission's case against Ireland, in which it ruled Apple had to pay €13 billion in back taxes, was that it alleged that the company benefited from illegal state aid. Investments will total $350,000 billion to our economy.

A sheet metal fabricator saw-cuts material for Apple's data center expansion in Reno, Nevada.

Apple announced on Wednesday it is investing billions in American manufacturing, and will spend $30 billion in capital expenditures. Apple workers below a senior level known as director will be eligible to receive stock units. That's what happened the last time a one-time break on offshore profits was offered more than a decade ago.

Taking into account all US-based companies, $2.5 trillion in untaxed cash is sitting overseas, according to Citigroup. Other major American business like Wal-Mart, American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of America, Nationwide Insurance, Comcast, JetBlue and US Bancorp are giving employees $1,000 bonuses thanks to successful efforts to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. With its first earnings call of the year occurring February 1, 2018, we expect analysts on the call to question Apple's ability to withstand these capital expenditures as its core businesses continue to generate large amounts of free cash flow.

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. However, there's no indication as of yet that Apple would solicit bids from municipalities, as Axios reports that Apple won't be "putting out a big request for proposals". But Wednesday's announcement was clearly created to be a sign of its allegiance to the US, Apple's most lucrative market.

The recent cut in the USA corporate tax from 35 to 21 percent has favored many companies to enhance their profitability and attract investments in the country.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook cited President Donald Trump's tax reform package as a driver behind the tech giant's plans for a massive $350 billion investment in the U.S. Economy.

The White House applauded Apple's commitment.

Apple's new campus "will initially house technical support for customers", according to the news release, but it was unclear what other types of workers the new campus could eventually include, or how numerous more than 20,000 new jobs will be there.

The company didn't say how big the second campus will be, or how numerous additional 20,000 workers that it plans to hire will be based there.

Apple employs about 123,000 full-time workers around the world.

Some of these jobs would be at existing Apple centres, and some at a new centre.

Amid the mad scramble for Amazon's second headquarters in North America, Apple now is searching for its own version of HQ2.

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