Backed SDF Considering Sending Reinforcements to Afrin Amid Turkish Op

Backed SDF Considering Sending Reinforcements to Afrin Amid Turkish Op

Backed SDF Considering Sending Reinforcements to Afrin Amid Turkish Op

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Kurdish representatives would be invited, without specifying who, and accused the USA of encouraging Syrian Kurdish separatism.

Tillerson also indicated in his speech that regime change - once official USA policy under Obama, until it wasn't - remains the goal in Syria - just a more distant goal.

Military vehicles move towards to Syrian border as part of the "Operation Olive Branch" in Hatay, Turkey on January 22, 2018.

On the campaign trail in 2016, Mr. Trump was sharply critical of the Obama administration's response to the brutal Syrian civil war and the rise of Islamic State. "You are still there", Erdogan said.

Turkish forces and their Syrian anti-Assad rebel allies began their push on Saturday to clear the north-western border enclave of Kurdish YPG fighters.

The PKK, YPG and PYD consider as their guide the Kurdish Marxist-nationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is imprisoned on a Turkish island for leading a separatist movement.

"The Afrin operation will end when it reaches its goal like the Euphrates Shield did", Erdogan said while addressing an awards ceremony in Ankara on Monday.

Skirmishes between Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters also broke out farther east in Syria, threatening to widen the scope of the new front in the Syrian war that pits Turkey against Washington's main ally in the region.

"We discussed this with our Russian friends, we have an agreement with them, and we also discussed it with other coalition forces and the United States". The U.S. focus in recent years has been on eastern Syria.

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Rizk said that this undoubtedly means a crisis between two traditional North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, the USA and Turkey.

The Turkish military has started an air and ground operation against Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia whom Ankara views as "terrorists" linked to outlawed militants.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has expressed hope that Turkey's airstrikes against the US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian city of Afrin will come to a speedy end.

"I can not foresee that this operation will be easy", Agar said, pointing to the thousands of YPG fighters in the region and around 250,000 civilians living there.

"This role should certainly be ensured", he told reporters, but added that all of Syria's ethnic groups should respect the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

There is growing worldwide concern that the Turkish offensive could ignite yet another humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Moscow is "carefully watching the operation" and is in touch with both the Syrian and the Turkish government.

Syria's government in Damascus says it will shoot down any Turkish jets on raids in the country. For that reason, the USA government made an arrangement with the SDF to provide it close air support as SDF forces moved across the Syria-Turkish border.

The is struggling with the contradictions of its own policy for, insisting that it's not creating a permanent Kurdish enclave inside the country but vowing that the USA will stay involved indefinitely by training a Kurd-majority ground force to maintain security and prevent a resurgence of Islamic State.

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