'#DemocratShutdown': Trump Blames Democrats After Government Shutdown Takes Effect

CHIP reauthorization provides funding until 2023

'#DemocratShutdown': Trump Blames Democrats After Government Shutdown Takes Effect

In any event, it looks like this is just another incident of presidential malfeasance, similar to last week's unfortunate Trump tweet blasting FISA that very almost unraveled a carefully constructed deal over surveillance practices.

On Monday, soon after noon, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that he and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had reached a deal to end the shutdown of the government, and to keep it open until February 8th.

Even some Republicans have signaled they could vote against the short-term spending bill. The exception, available in limited situations, is the reconciliation procedure GOP leaders used on the tax and Obamacare repeal bills; otherwise, Senate passage requires 60 votes, and Republicans only have 51.

During this time, former Governor McAuliffe sent a letter to the Virginia congressional delegation calling on us to act immediately to fund CHIP.

Earlier Friday, Trump had brought Schumer to the White House in hopes of cutting a deal on a short-term spending agreement.

Highlighting the divide (or, at least, a lack of communication between congressional GOP leaders and the White House), Trump's tweet came after a feud last night over the issue between comedian Jimmy Kimmel and Doug Andres, a top aide to Ryan.

Democrats feel "very, very strongly about the issues" said Sen.

But Democrats so far have balked at supporting it unless Congress also extends permanent residency to illegal immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). Both Republicans and Democrats were in favor of funding the health insurance program for kids and pregnant women from low income families.

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Destro added: "But at the same time, for the Democrats, how much are they willing to hold everything else hostage to DACA?" The House of Representatives, which already passed a spending bill that included a CHIP extension, is expected to approve the Senate measure.

It sounds like extending CHIP is a no-brainer, which leads us to bemoan the fact that a program allowing children to see a doctor and generally lead healthier lives has become a political football over funding the federal government.

Be that as it may, Republicans have posed all week as the champions of CHIP, which started under President Bill Clinton.

"I feel that it makes no sense for Democrats to try and bring us to a shutdown, to try and cut off CHIP funding for the states that are running out of money, like Minnesota and Washington and Kentucky and other states", Ryan said. "That's not totally surprising because that's what's been happening since the fall when we thought CHIP [extension] should happen before September 30". Democrats were using his zigzagging stance in immigration talks - first encouraging deals, then rejecting them - to underscore his first, chaotic year in office.

"This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present". They assert they would prefer not to close down the administration, so it appears to me it would be a somewhat appealing bundle. Republican leaders from both houses of Congress called out Senate Democrats' inaction on that bill Friday, saying Democrats are ignoring an easy solution on CHIP and the almost 9 million kids who would be affected by its lack of funding.

"Republicans are the ones funding CHIP completely and immediately".

The Senate fails to advance the House-sponsored CR to President Trump's desk, leaving six-year extension of CHIP funding and delay of the "Cadillac tax" on the table.

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