Fact or Fiction: Tide to stop making Tide PODS?

Student Hospitalized After Eating Tide Pod
By Sean Kelly

Health Health Student Hospitalized After Eating Tide Pod By Sean Kelly

Procter & Gamble's CEO finds the Tide Pod Challenge trend as concerning as the next father.

The "Tide pod challenge" has become incredibly popular on sites, such as Youtube, in recent months and sees young teens and kids biting into a Tide laundry detergent pod and swallowing its poisonous contents.

There are reports of seniors with dementia mistaking the pods for candy.

What is a "Tide Pod" I hear you ask?

YouTube and Facebook said they will remove material showing people who have recorded themselves performing the challenge.

P&G has been doing damage control all week. Tide's parent company, Proctor & Gamble, wants absolutely nothing to do with this, and the company's CEO released a statement Monday that blames those incidents on meme teens, not the company.

In hopes of putting an end to the viral craze, P&G recruited help from an National Football League star. As the social media stunts go viral, a surprising number of kids are following suit and testing these "juicy" pouches out for themselves.

The Utah State University student was taken to the hospital after reportedly eating a Tide pod on Saturday afternoon. We've demonstrated that even Rob Gronkowski isn't dumb enough to eat our product, conclusively proving that anyone who does is a huge idiot and entirely at fault.

Tide led the liquid laundry detergent market in the U.S in 2017, with more than $1 billion in sales, according to figures from the Statista website.

"They nailed it", said Ian Bell, head of Euromonitor's home care research. "That's reasonable. Laundry detergent, no", said Walmart customer Gina Trina. "It looked out of this world".

Fact or Fiction: Tide to stop making Tide PODS?
Fact or Fiction: Tide to stop making Tide PODS?

"Be aware when you're using them", Veres said. P&G controls 26% of the market, followed by Unilever and Henkel. The end of the video shows a guy devouring a bowl of laundry pods before he is carted off into an ambulance saying, "I don't regret it".

Pods are also more expensive than liquid and powder detergent, so P&G's profit margins are higher.

Tide has issued several warnings against participating in the challenge.

Many people online have taken the issue lightly despite its seriousness.

In the previous years we have seen other challenges go viral, some of them more unsafe than others.

But it isn't clear who's leading the effort.

"It's not that social media is compelling young people to do this", Meyers said.

The problem is more serious for young children.

You can read the full statement below, but in essence, David Taylor is asking adults to talk to the young people in their lives.

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