Breaking down Super Bowl LII

It is hard to be surprised when Brady leads a Patriots comeback, even as he deals with an injury in which he received stitches on his throwing hand this past week. The 40-year-old QB has gone above and beyond any expectations during his historic career.

Super Bowl 52 has all the ingredients of an awesome matchup. But this list might be growing on February 4th according to SportsBooks on

He bounced around a few colleges in the Northeast, including Amherst (1999-2000) before landing on Bill Belichick's staff with the then-defending Super Bowl champions.

It may have been his last game in New England, and Matt Patricia wasn't ready for it to end. New England's defense was scored on four times, allowing 641 yards. Win it all and the party is on us.

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"We'll be underdogs tomorrow", said Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins.

"But for me, it was probably through some of that adversity early in the year, middle of the season that we kind of kept things together and we were figuring out how to win a game or two or three, and we kind of got on a little bit of a roll".

The players days away from meeting in Super Bowl LII came to the Patriots and Eagles' rosters from all corners of college football. One of the reasons why the Jacksonville Jaguars matchup well with the Patriots is because they're a team that plays a lot of man coverage and if they wish to beat Brady they will have to play man coverage throughout most of the game. That's why it's important for us that we make sure that we continue to detail what we do in practice, we execute our game plan, guys are focused that way, and you just can't get caught up in what they do. And the Eagles' commitment to Wentz as a long-term starter hasn't wavered - they just need him to get healthy. As an NFC opponent, the Patriots don't play the Eagles all too often in the regular season. "We put a lot on him, and he always comes through". "You just have to control the emotions and whenever the game starts just unleash them".

Of course, to be back-to-back champions, they will have to find a way to beat the team they were on a year ago. Foles played brilliantly, passing for 352 yards and three touchdowns against the NFL's best defense, a welcoming sight to Eagles fans who have anxious about the quarterback position without Wentz. He's coming off his best playoff game, having hit Case Keenum to help create a game-changing pick-six by Patrick Robinson, and recovering a Keenum fumble to set up another score.

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