For the first time, scientists found the flu can cause heart attacks

GETTYVulnerable groups are still being advised to get their flu jab

GETTYVulnerable groups are still being advised to get their flu jab

"In more severe seasons, the flu causes approximately 700 deaths and almost 8,000 hospitalizations each year in Louisiana".

But the new findings strengthen the theory that a flu infection can actually trigger a heart attack, according to Dr. Andy Miller, chair-elect of the ACC's Board of Governors. Credit: Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences.

A new study confirms a link between the flu and other respiratory infections and heart attack. "A lot of people have gotten [the shot], and a lot of people have the flu, but usually though if you get the shot, even if you then get the flu, it's not as severe as it would be". It can activate platelets, increasing the chance that blood clots will form in the arteries that serve the heart.

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Researchers looked at 20,000 adults in Canada and found the risk may be higher for older adults, patients with flu B infections, and patients who never had a heart attack. Since the start of 2018, visitors to Lake Health's urgent care and walk-in centers have been provided with masks to help prevent the spread of flu, Baniewicz said. "High risk groups include children under five and those over 65, pregnant women and those with chronic health problems". That was the highest weekly number of cases reported since the Department of Health began reporting the data in 2004. The State Health Department's Jamie Dukes says there's always a delay in getting numbers to the state offices, but reported fatalities in the past week are up by almost 30.

This flu season will not be over anytime soon, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overall, 2355 people in the state have lost their lives due to flu complications from October 1, 2017 to January 17, 2018. For more information on influenza visit here under Disease Fact Sheets. "So we have been getting additional calls, primarily from families concerned about protecting their children". "Because our vaccine is universal and much more stable (i.e. has a much longer expiration date), it can be produced in very large quantities ahead of every flu season and stockpiled for times of greater need", Deng says.

But for now, doctors are continuing to recommend that everyone get a flu shot - not only for the collective good of achieving herd immunity, but for the personal benefit of decreasing one's heart attack risk.

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