Pyongyang calls on Koreans to work towards unification

Protesters burn an image of Kim Jong-un in Seoul

Protesters burn an image of Kim Jong-un in Seoul Credit AFP

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement the US would also target actors "that continue to provide a lifeline to North Korea", calling on China and Russian Federation to expel illicit actors.

He further said that North Korea and its weapon program would be utilized for coercion and other similar purposes in addition to the self-defense.

At the same time, Khanna said the USA needs to provide a security guarantee to the Kim regime: "We first need to assure North Koreans that we have no interest in its regime change". "An attack on [South Korea] will be severely rebuffed if it's attempted".

The Foal Eagle and Key Resolve drills always infuriate Pyongyang, which condemns them as rehearsals for invasion and often responds with its own provocations. "Of course the agreement between the North and South will be beneficial to the two countries in that it will make the bond stronger between the governments". It has also expanded the scope of its joint military drills with Seoul.

China is North Korea's closest ally, but it has been infuriated by the North's repeated missile and nuclear tests and has signed up for increasingly tough UN sanctions on the isolated nation.

Of all the countries in Latin America, Colombia was the only country that participated in the Korean War. While Beijing and Moscow have supported United Nations restrictions, they bristle at Washington imposing unilateral sanctions to bolster the pressure campaign. "There's no suspension contemplated".

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However, South Koreans commented that the use of "sports diplomacy" is merely a waste of time, as it is a dated strategy.

"This is big news, North Korea calling for reunification".

A "large-scale" event showcasing the country's armed forces and weapons will take place in the capital Pyongyang on February 8, according to Seoul's Unification Minister. "There is a high chance of North Korean provocations, which would make the global community impose further sanctions", he said, adding, however, that it is "a realistic guess" that "a vicious circle of repeated provocations and sanctions could come back soon".

"The nuclear issue has to be solved through negotiations and diplomatic endeavors".

The US has led an worldwide campaign to tighten sanctions on North Korea to force it to give up development of nuclear weapons and missiles capable of hitting the US. It test-fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles and conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test past year. "As a minor in East Asian Studies, who has an interest in South Korean culture, society, media and government, I feel the same way many South Koreans feel".

Commerce has allegedly flowed in both directions, with Reuters reporting past year that Russian vessels had sustained an economic "lifeline" to North Korea by supplying the country with fuel.

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