'Americans are dreamers too': Trump lays out immigration reform

NATION-NOW     'What a load of clap,' N.Y. Daily News says of State of the Union     
      'What a load of clap' N.Y. Daily News says of SOTU

NATION-NOW 'What a load of clap,' N.Y. Daily News says of State of the Union 'What a load of clap' N.Y. Daily News says of SOTU

On Tuesday Daily Show host Trevor Noah interrupted his regularly scheduled programming to respond to President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address, delivered just a few hours earlier.

The president highlighted his administration's successes in its first year, touting the growing economy and the recent passage of the Republican tax overhaul. It's the people who own this building.

Trump took credit for U.S. economic gains including a soaring stock market and a low jobless rate. "The president also discussed several issues where I believe we can find bipartisan agreement, including modernizing our nation's infrastructure, improving border security, combating the opioid epidemic, and taking care of our veterans".

"It was effective on trying to lay out both the accomplishments of the first year, which have been significant, and laying out a set of principles at least on immigration and some other policy ideas", Fortenberry said. The third point of Trump's immigration plan aims to end the "visa lottery", replacing it with a "merit-based" immigration system. "Chain migration is not the problem", said Dylan Corbett, Executive Director of the HopeBorder Foundation.

But what were the moments that got people talking?

The pillars include offering a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented young people brought to the USA as children; building a wall along the Mexico border and hiring more border agents; ending the visa lottery; and ending chain migration.

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Critics dismissed the president's call to national unity.

"I truly hope that the president gives more than lip service to the horrendous, staggering problem of opioid addiction and abuse".

However, the divisive President failed to unify the audience, with Republican members of Congress standing to applaud him, while many Democrats sat in silence.

The president said Preston's story was a good example of civic duty, going on to say that the administration has worked to restore trust in government over the past year. Kennedy, unlike Trump, mentioned Russian involvement in seeking to interfere with US elections and the need to investigate that interference.

Some pointed out that the first lady's clothing choice could be a nod to suffragettes, as several Democratic congresswomen wore white to the president's Joint Address of Congress a year ago for the same reason.

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