Flu cases keep rising across NY state, vaccinations urged

Flu cases keep rising across NY state, vaccinations urged

Flu cases keep rising across NY state, vaccinations urged

The flu shot is usually about 50 to 60 percent effective, but this year against the H3N2 strand that is going around, it offers a much lower percent.

As the flu rages nationwide - in what's shaping up to be the worst in almost a decade - Washington state is no exception in its share of influenza-related cases. People who haven't had the shot can drive up, roll down their windows and put an arm out for the shot if they want, said Jackie Shawnee, chief of communications at the health department.

Turnbull said she hears students say they get the vaccination at Safeway or Walmart and other local pharmacies because of the convenience while shopping. Officials said these numbers are "expected this time of year" and consistent with the provincial average. Holly Green, infection prevention RN at the hospital, said it has seen 652 confirmed influenza cases this season, including 414 in January. In 2015, that number increased, topping 305,000.

Smith said that though patients who have gotten their flu shot are still getting sick, the vaccine is still your best defense against the flu.

Flu vaccine and needle.

Doctors are doing all they can to try to keep it from spreading, urging people with the virus to stay home. Do not spread the germs to others. It is an important reminder, too, that it takes about two weeks for the antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection. People may be infected with the flu and have respiratory symptoms without a fever.

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Patients who have influenza A typically have symptoms of a fever, cough, and bad body aches, all of which can be mistaken for symptoms of a cold. A spokesperson said if you can't afford that, they will work with you so you don't leave the department without being vaccinated.?

Eating well, staying active, and getting a good night's sleep.

The flu is "impacting our entire health care community including all emergency rooms and outpatient care facilities", said Steve Shelton, emergency room physician and Palmetto Health medical director of Emergency Management.

Officials say the three deaths were all adults, ranging in age from just 18 years old, up to 95 years old. It's a type that is associated with higher levels of hospitalization and deaths.

"That means people who were vaccinated should not consider themselves invincible for this season", said lead researcher Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an infectious diseases expert at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

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