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A new iOS bug that can crash not only Messages but third-party messaging apps has been discovered, potentially leaving the app unusable by receiving a single character.

The bug also cuts off access to other popular apps such as WhatsApp, Outlook for iOS, Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

Italian tech blog Mobile World first uncovered the issue, before it was then widely reported by other notable technology publications like The Verge and Engadget.

A fix for the problem is on the way from Apple, which is likely to arrive ahead of the projected iOS 11.3 mid-year update from the company.

'If the character is displayed within an application, the app in question will crash and will continue to close each time you try to start it.

As apps try and fail to load the character, users can get trapped in an endless loop of crashes.

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The iPad immediately crashed when the messages were received; iOS's notification bar failed to process them, forcing the whole system to stop and reload.

Your iPhone will crash if it receives a text message containing just one letter, Apple has admitted.

The Guardian reported that Telugu is spoken by at least 80 million people in India and elsewhere combined. According to the publication, affected users can apparently regain access to their iMessages if someone sends another message that can delete the threat containing the Telugu character.

While it may seem odd that a random text character could bring down one of the most popular operating systems in the world, this is actually not the first weird crashing issue to hit iOS.

Until Apple requires updates to also support iPhone X and the iOS 11 SDK, these rules don't mean much because updates represent the majority of the App Store. The messages app would attempt to preload the link, which could flood the device with unnecessary characters found in the site's metadata and force the device to shut down.

However, a recent bug may prove to be the cause of panic among Apple users as an Indian character is being held responsible for crashing the iOS systems.

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