Hundreds of KFC outlets in United Kingdom closed amid chicken shortage

Fried chicken fans have been left fuming after they struggle to get hold of their chicken

Fried chicken fans have been left fuming after they struggle to get hold of their chicken

"I got KFC in Erith shut down because I caught them on videos smuggling raw chicken into the back of the restaurant out of the back of a vehicle in black bags and boxes and unrefrigerated..."

Police did not say how many calls about fired chicken they had received, but warned citizens concerned about the issue that they are wasting police's time.

There is some good news for KFC fans as a number of stores in Greater Manchester have begun to re-open.

Reports have claimed it could take as long as a month for all 900 chicken stores to reopen after the delivery crisis.

The company apologized to customers, blaming "teething problems" with its new delivery partner, DHL.

KFC has now set up a page on its website where customers can check for their nearest open restaurant. In a tweet, on Monday, KFC gave an update.

Sanders, whose image is featured in KFC's logo, is now known in more than 100 countries for his fried chicken recipe.

Rix added: "What that means is all the orders from across the United Kingdom are going to one site, and DHL's systems are not geared up to handling hundreds of orders for the United Kingdom".

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"In a bid to increase profits, KFC awarded the contract to DHL....causing 255 redundancies and the closure of a Bidvest depot..."

However, 80 per cent of KFC outlets are run on a franchise basis.

Rugby is some 370 miles from Elgin and 250 miles from Penzance.

KFC expects disruption to some restaurants to continue for the rest of the week.

Workers are being encouraged to take holiday, but would not be forced to do so, the company has said.

He also claimed his sources believe KFC management knew "three weeks ago" there would be a huge problem with DHL and were anxious about "the set-up and the systems after testing".

"Bidvest are specialists - a food distribution firm with years of experience". One called it "a sign of the apocalypse".

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