Israeli & Iranian Leaders Clash over Syria Conflict at Munich Security Conference

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli & Iranian Leaders Clash over Syria Conflict at Munich Security Conference

In Syria, the Iran-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah has played a pivotal role in supporting Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.

With a theatrical flourish, Netanyahu brandished a rectangular piece of dark green metal at the podium.

With former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sitting in the front row, Netanyahu said the deal's inspection regimen is completely insufficient, and that when the sun sets on the agreement in some 10 years' time, the Iranians will have an "open highway" to build not only one nuclear device, but an entire nuclear arsenal.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was also present at the conference, reacted to Netanyahu's baseless claims. Mr Zarif denied that Tehran was seeking "hegemony" in the Middle East.

Israeli police said Sunday they arrested senior officials from the country's national telephone company as part of an investigation into alleged corruption offenses.

The Iranian foreign minister accused Netanyahu of deliberately escalating the situation with "almost daily incursions into Syrian airspace" at a time when he was under pressure at home.

Asked about the Reuters report, the foreign ministry responded in an online media briefing: "The French position on the Iran nuclear deal is known".

The second phase, to begin immediately after May 12, would take that understanding to the other parties to the deal - Iran, Russia and China - to see if there was some way to address these issues.

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"In fact it has unleashed a unsafe Iranian tiger in our region and beyond".

It is tempting to accept Netanyahu's assessment of the Iranians. He has also dismissed the accusations as a witch hunt orchestrated by a hostile media.

"We will not be the first ones to violate an agreement which all of us tried, in spite of Netanyahu's attempts, to achieve", he said.

On the other hand Iran has angered its regional rival Saudi Arabia with their involvement in Yemen civil war backing up Houthi rebels. Netanyahu renewed his call to "fix or nix" the global deal to curb Iran's nuclear program, a message that's failed to sway much of the trans-Atlantic security establishment represented in Munich.

Israel's demonstration of dissatisfaction with Iran continued on Sunday at a Munich Security Conference gathering representatives of power and diplomats from Europe and the United States. Iran is not Nazi Germany and there are many differences between the regimes, but there are also many similarities: Iran has repeatedly said it wants to destroy Israel and is threatening the world with violence.

In an interview with NBC News during the security conference, Mr Zarif said that Israel's loss of a fighter jet to Syrian anti-aircraft fire this month showed that its military had "crumbled".

Former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) drove home that point in an article ("President Trump Beats War Drums for Iran") published by the Ron Paul Institute and posted at last November. Adding to that he further states USA and its local clients are suffering from the consequences of their "wrong choices" and they use the critics against Iran to deviate the attention and hide the reality.

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