Companies cutting partnerships with NRA

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Companies cutting partnerships with NRA

This study did not alter conditions to test a theory, it just looked at statistics and drew conclusions, so it can't be said that the convention per se causes there to be fewer gun injuries.

But where is the evidence?

The left-leaning media organization Think Progress this week published a list of the corporate partners of the NRA and has asked each whether they will continue their relationship with the gun group.

Blink-182 have revealed that they are now boycotting the delivery service FedEx after they vowed to continue working with the National Rifle Association.

Perhaps the NRA's most high-profile partnerships are with tech giants Amazon, YouTube, Apple and Roku.

Jena has looked before into the unintended effect of large gatherings on public health.

"I have worked with lifetime members of the NRA who secretly confess that they have unintended discharges of their rifles or shotguns". Yet injury rates were, on average, 20 percent lower on meeting days.

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I originated in rural NY state where guns are common, and I was a member of the NRA.

Have we reached the point where the right to carry firearms trumps the right to life for the thousands of citizens who die at the end of a gun every year?

In 2014, there were more than 65,000 intentional firearm injuries in the United States and almost 16,000 unintentional firearm injuries. The association instead urges greater availability of guns among law-abiding citizens, who could be called on to step in to unsafe situations. We did not have military weapons for our hunting and target shooting, and most of us would not want to own them. It makes sense, he adds, "those with the greatest exposure to firearms take a break from handling loaded firearms in their homes and in other contexts, and fewer people are shot".

The researchers also found the biggest drop in injuries was among men in Southern and Western states, where there is a high rate of gun ownership, and in the states hosting the convention.

Some of my friends said, "Not yet", as if to say that more incidents of mass killings will be required to politically neutralize, or soften, the power of the gun lobby. Annual convention attendance is about 80,000 - or less than 2% of the group's claimed membership.

She believed the NRA and its members are being unfairly targeted. But several study details support this explanation. The finding: a 20 percent drop in injuries inflicted by the weapons compared to the same days of the week in the three weeks before and after the event.

Because of the relative rarity of gun-related homicides, suicides and fatal accidents, the researchers could not measure whether convention dates also coincided with a decline in gun-related deaths.

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