Dropbox integrations coming for Hangouts, Drive apps and Gmail

Dropbox integrations coming for Hangouts, Drive apps and Gmail

Dropbox integrations coming for Hangouts, Drive apps and Gmail

These messages can either be private or shared with various groups.

The main way Hangouts Chat stands out from the competition is by providing integration with Google's other cloud services.

Those files will be stored in Dropbox storage, and users will be able to open and edit them straight through Dropbox's interface.

The Mountain View advertising house has formally released Hangouts Chat, the chat-and-collaboration service it teased a year ago.

None yet truly dominates the market, however, so while Google may be a later entrant, that does not necessarily put it at a disadvantage.

Since Slack's debut, workplace messaging has since become a crowded place.

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Google's Hangouts Chat is now generally available, offering support for 28 languages and a secure ecosystem. This is simple to understand that Google is targeting big businesses too.

The company also said that the Calendar app will soon get a similar AI-powered recommendation tool to help book meeting rooms based on your building, floor you work on, and booking history, a feature that's expected to arrive in the next few months.

Like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Hangouts Chat supports chatbots.

"We just announced some new G Suite products and features to help your organization collaborate more effectively and efficiently", Google wrote in a blog post.

Another challenge Google faces is getting business partners to create third party add-ons. The previews are available from both dropbox.com or its mobile apps. Google says the chat now comes with 25 bots to help speed up workflows, ranging from finance and human resources to CRM, project management and more. Zero, Egnyte, Zoom.ai, Trello, Jira, and Wrike are among those available at launch. Or customers can pick among integrations with software from Salesforce.com Inc, Dialpad Inc and Kayak. The @Meet bot integrates with Google Calendar to plan meetings. Those with admin credentials can also archive, export, and save Chat data using the integrated Vault application.

For Google, AI is at the heart of what sets Hangouts Chat apart. The service will allow to track progress and follow up tasks. Google has been testing the new service since then as part of an "early adopter" program but it's done with that now and will start rolling out Hangout Chats to all G Suite users next week. The search giant notes that users can speed up manual works by using artificial intelligence to book conference rooms or search for files.

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