Fame, Best Film, and that prom-like feeling

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90th Annual Academy Awards. Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

"You don't want to get in a situation where these causes, which are all very worthwhile, are competing against one another", he added. You have Get Out, which everybody saw, so that definitely helps. Conspicuously absent among this year's Oscar nominees was Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman. People view the sound categories as the "joke awards". Being nominated is no guarantee of actually winning on 4 March but at least women are in the pool, a crucial step given the near shutout in important categories dating back decades and as recently as the Golden Globes earlier this month. Take the time to join in on all the Oscars buzz! The original Academy Awards, honoring films from 1927 and '28, took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

While "Phantom Thread" might be the least likely to win the best picture award on Sunday, it deserves multiple awards exclusively for Daniel Day Lewis's performance of eating a mushroom omelet.

"Live From The Red Carpet" is produced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - which gives the awards - and ABC News Live Events Group. It's amusing because past year I was stuck in this position where you want to vote for something because you like it, but you have to go with what will probably win. You just have to know where to find it - or wait for someone like me to find it for you, I guess. He invited all of us in the class to be seat-fillers down front at the awards. In an ordinary year I'd say Gerwig and Peele have the edge for their very personal projects, but they're also up for the director prize and McDonagh isn't, which might lead the Academy to recognize him here. So, there was this whole system of sending in well-dressed people to sit in their seats until the time of their award. Heading into this weekend's Oscars, everyone is talking about "The Shape of Water " battling it out with "Three Billboards" with best picture, but I think it's worth looking at a few who also deserve those spots.

More news: Jimmy Kimmel can't avoid politics at the Oscars

This will be Kimmel's second time presenting the awards and he believed that it was nearly unnecessary for a comedian to speak out about serious subjects - although he won't be holding back otherwise. But since I have been watching the Academy Awards, I have to admit that for all the rubbish, somehow, in fleeting moments - like the "In Memoriam" montage - the Oscars do remind me of why I love movies so much.

This film received four Oscar nominations and is up for Best Picture. A recent survey conducted by the teeth whitening brand developed for actors and models, White Glo, discovered 45% of Brits think people with white teeth are more attractive and 43% said that being attractive makes for a more successful career. The film superseded the genre and provided a fresh point of view that opened up the understanding of racism.

If someone tries their luck and attempts to see the little guy, they'll reportedly receive a call from the academy's legal team, who will remind them that the academy itself has first dibs on any Oscar sales - and the only price it'll pay for an Oscar is a measly £7.

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