Fewer guns will fix school shootings problem

Students from several schools in Montgomery County Maryland protest against gun violence in front of the White House

Students from several schools in Montgomery County Maryland protest against gun violence in front of the White House

After the school shooting in Florida, people have put forward a number of solutions to prevent such awful events. The only way to stop these shootings is to tighten gun laws and make these weapons less accessible.

Public relations experts say that companies are likely basing their decisions on the poll numbers, which suggest that the support for gun control is higher than ever before.

The American people could now see the quivering hands of children pleading for their lives as crazed gunman, Nicholas Cruz, roamed the halls. I keep wondering if these are people who also have "Love Trumps Hate" bumper stickers on their cars.

The sad reality is that there are many solid-thinking good Americans who really want change in gun-control laws, but are acutely aware that in an environment where some would rather have a gun instead of a fine meal with friends, change is not around the corner.

Who's afraid of the National Rifle Association?

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However, there was a clear-cut partisan gulf since 68 percent of Republicans favored President Donald Trump's proposal of training teachers to carry guns in schools, compared to just 18 percent of Democrats. "Take the guns first, go through due process second". But this is all about them doing what selected adults - Democrats, mainstream TV networks, the gun control lobby - want them to do, and giving them either figurative or literal standing ovations for it. If they have children, and their children make a threat either in person or online, and do get arrested, their parents should lose all of their weapons for good. FedEx, criticized for providing a standard discount to NRA members, took the extraordinary step of releasing a policy statement calling for a ban on assault-style weapons. But if he chooses instead to let his party continue to languish in fear, Republicans will just be giving Americans one more reason to vote them out of power - and relegate Trumpism to the ash heap of history.

But the following day he described a meeting with a top NRA lobbyist as "great". Mental illness or instability will always be unpredictable. The NRA's electioneering strategy is not a flawless machine, as Lipton and Burns note, and its impact ebbs and flows in response to the shifting political landscape: They had a much lower success rate, for example, when then-candidate Barack Obama was at the top of the ticket. This country was not built by, nor does it depend for its defense upon, people who are afraid to walk amongst their fellow citizens without a gun.

The firm, which manages close to $6 trillion (£4.3 trillion) in assets, said on Friday the attack had "driven home the awful toll from gun violence in America". We should hold our elected leaders to action on gun reform, rather than excuse them for accepting money meant to spread helplessness.

Florida gun right advocates are planning a rally at the state capitol on Sunday in support of the second amendment in the wake of the state legislature discussing bills that would create stricter gun laws. All it takes is one unguarded moment, one physically threatening altercation, one mishandled weapon situation, one teacher who has reached their limit and an unintended tragedy may happen. Indeed, the most influential component to the dialogue was the initial Snapchat video that led the nation to heel in horror at the evil perpetrated on the fateful Wednesday afternoon. He says the NRA has a "finely tuned propaganda operation" that convinces officeholders their careers will be ruined by "even talking about gun safety".

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