Changing gun laws "not achievable", Parkland victim's father says

Changing gun laws

Changing gun laws "not achievable", Parkland victim's father says

Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, led the Senate's efforts to respond to the Valentine Day's mass shooting, observing that bipartisan opposition to the proposal indicated it hit nerves and sent lawmakers out of their comfort zones. "It's complete insane talk".

Andrew Pollack, the father of 18-year-old Meadow Pollack, who was killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting on February 14, says changing federal gun laws is just "not achievable" and the focus should instead be on strengthening school safety.

Scott "is against arming teachers", said Lauren Schenone, a spokeswoman for the governor. And when leaders responded with almost a half billion dollars for school hardening and mental health programs, lawmakers were forced to wrestle with the proposal's accounting - money in exchange for guns in the classroom.

"I want them to focus their energy on something that is achievable right now", Pollack said. Although bump stocks weren't a factor in the Parkland shooting; the equipment was used in a mass shooting in Las Vegas in October that killed more than 50 people. "This time must be different and we demand action".

He doesn't want to see teachers carrying guns in schools, but what Washington Rep. Rick Larsen does want is to fund additional safety.

"I can't imagine them wanting to bounce this back and have to go through this all over again".

"I can not live with a choice to put party politics above an opportunity to get something done that inches us closer to the place I believe we should be as a state". "We don't want a veto of the bill because there is just too much good stuff in there for our schools, and for our students and families that need that, especially in Parkland".

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But legal experts have previously said the Broward County Sheriff's Office could be sued over the failure of one of its deputies to enter the high school during the shooting and that plaintiffs might be able to overcome the immunity standard.

"Work with the president and fix the schools". I'm not a gun expert.

Law enforcement received two dozen very creditable notifications from concerned citizens in recent years of the growing threat that Nikolas Cruz was going to do exactly what he did.

Although Aquinas High and Middle schools and the elementary schools in the system do not have police officers on campus, as many public schools do, city police officers present programs in the schools, and neighborhood resource officers check in periodically, he said. And he said he was "optimistic" about a timely finish.

The House has already passed a bill, which is pending in the Senate, to tighten government background checks on gun buyers.

Any such talks would have to include not only the school board but the entire community, Finco said. "Don't put guns in the actual classrooms".

Sitting on her couch, she came up with an idea that can reach people all across the country. As students return to school with the support of fellow classmates, teachers and coping mechanisms such as service dogs, they continue to fight for a safer America.

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