Google Lens is coming to all Android smartphones via Google Photos app

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First unveiled at last year's Google I/O 2017, Google Lens was created to provide users with additional information of objects and subjects through visual analysis. Google has also revealed that Google Lens is "coming soon" to iOS. Also, certain smartphones will eventually support Lens through Google Assistant, including flagship devices from Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, HMD Global/Nokia, and Sony.

Google Lens is able to identify paintings and artwork.

Google is now working on it and as per some sources in future, the app will be backed by soo much power that it can even identify an individual as well.

Another notable aspect of Google Lens is its capability to perceive information within a photo and accurately carry out the function. So to explore the Google Lens feature, first you have to update the Google Photos app from the official Play Store's page. One of the more notably aspects of Lens includes the ability to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network by pointing the camera to the routers username and password. Google's inventions have brought a revolutionary change in our lives that if put to its best use can take humanity as a whole, forward.

Here is our first hands-on experience with the Google Lens Preview for Android.

Lens is also part of the Google Assistant on Pixel 2 smartphones.

As said earlier, you can open the Google Photos app on your Android phone to fire up Google Lens. Similarly, the update in will available for iOS users in the upcoming week.

Will Lens work for your Android device?

The app will come with support for other Google services such as Google Maps and more. In 8.0, that feature would use the proximity sensor to turn off the display completely, saving a bit of extra battery life when your phone is perhaps in your pocket.

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