House bill 4145 conference committee set to resume this morning

Current Virginia law only requires turn signals when another vehicle may be affected by the movement

Current Virginia law only requires turn signals when another vehicle may be affected by the movement

The West Virginia Senate has offered the House of Delegates a compromise of a pay raise bill affecting State Police, public school teachers and school service personnel, according to Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns, R-Ohio.

After five days of national uproar on social media, the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Kentucky General Assembly unanimously voted on Tuesday to approve Senate Bill 48, which raises the legal age to marry in Kentucky.

There was also talk of cuts to Medicaid, which are possible, but House Speaker Tim Armstead said that would be on the bottom of his list to cut.

"If we all dig in our heels, we are not going anywhere", Clements said. "Because with this, we have not agreed to use any of the $58 million of the governor's revenue estimates".

Senate Rules Chairwoman Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, said the age is a compromise that has been reached with her counterpart on the bill, Rep. Jeanette Nunez, R-Miami. Shortly after that, the bill was signed by Governor Jim Justice and will go into effect on July 1, 2018. "We have reached a deal". This is supposed to be about all public employees but there was an obvious disparity between 5 percent and 3 percent amongst teachers and public employees.

"Where is the sense of urgency to resolve this and get the kids back in school", he asked the chamber.

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An additional $500,000 each was included to benefit Shepherd University, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Glenville State College, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College and Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College to help provide more equitable funding for those schools in the state budget.

The legislation had been expected to go to a vote by the state Senate Judiciary Committee late last week, but part of it was opposed by the Family Foundation of Kentucky, reports the Insider Louisville website. "We now have a bill that includes parents in the process".

"We believe we have taken the steps necessary to ensure our children are back in the classroom, our teachers are back in the classroom", said House Speaker Tim Armstead, during a news conference of legislative Republicans.

An amendment was added to the bill in the House which states that while Reel was the first woman in Wyoming to hold a state office she was also the second in the country to hold a statewide office. In the last 17, we have doubled the vacancies of the actual people we hire. "I was one that was iffy". "We know that's where our teachers want to be".

Opponents of efforts to change the law previous year said young service members should have the right to marry their teenage sweethearts before deployment, so they are not deprived of family benefits.

"We just wanted it to be right", Cothran said. "Then, we will have the biggest party with our students that we can have because we miss them".

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