Mass civilians deaths from Russian Federation and United States airstrikes in Syria

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Forty-six aid trucks entered Eastern Ghouta on Monday for the first time since the offensive started, but had to cut short their deliveries and leave due to heavy bombardment.

"Syria has positively welcomed this resolution as it stresses firm commitment to the Syrian state's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in accordance with the provisions of the UN's Charter and calls for implementing a humanitarian truce across Syria to ensure a safe, sustainable and unhindered access of humanitarian aid", the Ministry said.

Marwa Awad, a spokeswoman for the World Food Program in Damascus who accompanied the convoy, also said numerous life-saving health supplies were not allowed to be loaded.

The military said: "We managed to evacuate 13 civilians, including five children, with the returning convoy".

At least 30 people in Syria's Eastern Ghouta have been treated after suffering symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas, the Syrian Civil Defence reported.

UNITED Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres called yesterday for aid convoys to have immediate access in Syria a day after airstrikes cut short deliveries of food and medicine to Eastern Ghouta.

Capturing Mesraba would divide the eastern Ghouta in two after days of a ground offensive that the Observatory says has already seen government forces capture almost half of the territory. The Observatory says such shelling has killed at least 27 people since February 18, and Syrian state media have given a higher death toll.

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Families who have spent the last two weeks hiding in basements are starting to flee further inside the besieged zone to escape shelling and air strikes, sources on the ground and monitors confirmed.

Erdogan has also informed the Russian leader on the progress of Ankara's operation in Syria's Afrin, according to the statement.

The Syrian American Medical Society charity, which supports several hospitals in eastern Ghouta, gave a slightly lesser death toll from the Observatory, saying 79 people were killed.

Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, another Pentagon spokesperson, said that "some fighters operating within the SDF have chose to leave operations in the middle Euphrates river valley to fight elsewhere, possibly in Afrin".

The three countries are allied in the so-called Astana process for imposing ceasefires in Syria.

The Sochi Summit, brokered by Turkey, Russia and Iran, was supposed to bring warring sides together to find an ultimate solution to the Syrian war and create a new constitution. But the agreement has been undermined in recent months by fierce fighting in protected areas such as Idlib and Eastern Ghouta.

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