More Democrats voted early in Texas Primary

Bins of signs are seen in a storage are at the Bexar County Election offices last month in San Antonio

Bins of signs are seen in a storage are at the Bexar County Election offices last month in San Antonio. Eric Gay AP

Another former Cruz staffer, Jason Wright, is running in Texas' 5th congressional district against seven other Republicans.

Texas has routinely elected GOP officials in statewide races for a generation, though recently with declining margins.

Bush is facing three Republican primary challengers, including his predecessor in the job, Jerry Patterson. And candidates like former Gov. John Connally and former U.S. Sen.

With O'Rourke and Cruz set to square off, Cruz's campaign quickly released a 60-second radio ad featuring a country music jingle in which O'Rourke is mocked for going by "Beto" rather than his given name, "Robert".

While Democrats are hoping to put up a fight this election cycle, Texas remains a Republican stronghold.

WFAA will have political analysis from across the state starting at 7 p.m. After being outnumbered 75,400 to 30,108 in 2014 early voting, 87,916 Harris County Democrats out-balloted 81,537 Republicans in this year's totals.

Valdez would be the first Hispanic and openly gay governor in Texas history. They are optimistic despite not winning a Texas statewide office since 1994.

"I don't blame students for not having voted in previous elections if no one shows up to listen to them", he said. You must vote in your local precinct. He's a Dallas native and a graduate of the University of North Texas.

Harold Cook, who was executive director of the Texas Democratic Party back when its strength rivaled the Republicans, said disaffection with President Donald Trump's presidency is powering people to the polls. But if you don't, you can still cast a ballot. When broken down by party, 62,152 Democrats voted compared to 21,349 Republicans. "This bodes well for what we're going to see in the November election, but we aren't taking anything for granted". The only path, she says, is to grow the Democratic base, concentrating on nonwhites, young voters and other liberal-leaning Georgians who haven't been voting.

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O'Rourke said. "Or is it the guy who ran for president for four years and literally left the state of Texas to visit each of the 99 counties of Iowa instead of being in (Texas)?" She says she wants to see change both in the USA and in Texas, too. In Texas, if conservatives stay home, if we rest on our laurels, we could see Texas turn blue. "I'm here because we need someone who's gonna stand up for fairness and honesty and decency and ethics".

O'Rourke has generated national buzz in his challenge to Cruz. If she wins, she'll have withstood direct pressure from one of the most powerful members of her party in the state.

For Republicans, the primary was a vivid exhibition of the Trump effect on GOP politics. "I find it very divisive and dividing of many people and negative".

Teneshia Hudspeth with the elections division of the Harris County clerk's office said Tuesday that a last-minute change in staffing led to a delay in opening a Katy polling site. She'll take on Democrat Roman McAllen. And election judges may not question a voter about the reasonableness of a claimed impediment. Now, Moser didn't perform spectacularly - at press time she had about 24 precent of the vote, putting her about 6 points behind the first place Lizzie Pannill Fletcher.

In the Texas 7th, one of Moser's opponents agrees. Loudly strong (Trump). Quietly strong (Wall).

But Democrat Bonnie Kobilansky says she's alarmed by Trump's actions.

In 2010, during the midterm primaries only 19,197 democratic early voters took part in their civic duties.

Early voting results are bad for predicting the outcome of elections. Meanwhile, the number of Republican early ballots cast increased only slightly. Trump plans to be in southwestern Pennsylvania on Saturday for a campaign rally of his own, and he's likely to promote Saccone's candidacy then.

Moreover, Texas's use of paperless voting machines and its failure to conduct robust post-election audits that test the accuracy of election outcomes leaves Texas vulnerable to hacking and malfunction. On the House side, Democrats are putting up candidates in every Texas district for the first time in over 25 years.

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