Texas Democrats showing up at the polls in big numbers

Bins of signs are seen in a storage are at the Bexar County Election offices last month in San Antonio

Bins of signs are seen in a storage are at the Bexar County Election offices last month in San Antonio. Eric Gay AP

There were reports during Texas' first-in-the-nation primary Tuesday that two polling sites in Houston didn't have Democratic ballots.

In many previous campaign cycles, Democrats failed to even field a candidate in some Republican-held districts. While he refused to recuse himself in this suit, he did recuse himself for another-albeit smaller-scale-lawsuit related to the upcoming primary, stating he could not be impartial because of the people involved. Generally, turnout for primary elections are relatively low compared to Presidential elections.

Filing for the August 7 Primary Election opened on February 27 and continues through Tuesday, March 27. CNN's race rating of the Texas Senate race is Likely Republican.

For both parties, the race for U.S. Senate will be at the top of the ballot.

Cruz, unlike Cornyn, is up for re-election in 2018, and is fending off a challenge from Democrat Beto O'Rourke, a U.S. representative from El Paso who has been touring every county in the state.

Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos reminds Texans to make all necessary preparations to be able to cast their vote in the upcoming March 6 Primary Election.

But as "cultural issues" - including abortion, school prayer, civil rights, gun control and ultimately gay rights and same-sex marriage - became increasingly salient from the late 1960s into the 1990s, a new fracture in American politics emerged. For context, in recent years, the Democrats have typically won a smaller percentage of seats than their share of the national vote. Texas is a state with no registration by party, so the composition of the primary vote for either party can be fluid.

How did the Republican incumbents Gov. Greg Abbott tried to unseat do?

The one where a grandson of former-President George H.W. Bush may actually lose: The Bush family has had tremendous pull in Texas ever since George H.W. Bush arrived in Houston and was elected to Congress in 1967, but now things are looking dicey for the current Bush-in-Texas, Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

At the state level, the six senate seats in Will County have at the most one candidate for each party running.

With 435 U.S. House seats up for re-election this November, Texas' primary is just the beginning of the 2018 Midterms. EMILY's List, the pro-choice Democratic women's group, is backing corporate attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher in the district.

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State figures show that more than 1 million Democrats cast votes in primary races across the state on Tuesday, nearly twice as many as in 2014, the last time primaries were held for a midterm election.

Can I vote for either party?

Only the DCCC appears to be making an issue of Moser's Texas bona fides and has unloaded opposition research into the primary that says she still had Washington as her primary address in January.

Did more Democrats vote than Republicans?

A runoff in Texas happens if no candidate in a race gets at least half of the votes.

A rundown of early voting numbers from KUT's Trey Shaar.

What form of ID do I need to bring to the polls? The legal wrangling over the state's requirements has turned rather complicated.

She had, however, stated publicly last May that she had already moved home to Texas.

A USA military ID card that includes a personal photo. That district includes Franklin, Lamar, Red River and Wood counties, as well as other counties to the east and south.

So, what if I don't have one of the seven approved forms of ID? You can vote at any of those locations, just keep in mind to bring a photo ID. You can request a mail ballot at the Will County Clerk's website as well. Some restrictions on guns, in particular, seem increasingly reasonable to swing voters after numerous mass shootings.

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