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This Jessica Jones review contains spoilers.

Jessica Jones represents women who aren't flawless and whose problems don't have an easy solution. She's going to have another tough one this season as well. I'd say, well done, Netflix - with due praise going to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and Krysten Ritter!

But Krysten Ritter was none of these things as she dazzled in a metallic silver gown on Wednesday night. Furious, the woman tries to pay Jessica to knock off her cheating beau on the spot, her logic being that since Jessica killed Kilgrave, she should be OK with killing other people, too. Because Jessica's demons and the forces conspiring against her are mostly within, not without. Faced with that perception, Jessica is first enraged, then shaken. Meanwhile, a menacing force stalks NY and possibly other "powered people" like Jessica. "She doesn't want to be a murderer, but that was really the only option for her", Ritter told "CBS This Morning". When Trish shows up with the ashes of Jessica's family, the latter calls out the former for the seriously low blow. "For now, Jessica Jones is focused on Jessica". Of course, that act of self-preservation means Max could do the same thing to someone else. Her neighbors know about recovery and pain, and support groups freak her out as much as any ludicrous supervillain; in fact, talking in group may be even more of a challenge. As was suggested at the end of last season, Malcolm has joined Alias Investigations. "She's attracting clients who want her to be a hero and her own perception of herself is that she is so not a hero", says Rosenberg.

Jeri is sick. And alone. Fans arriving at the second season should be mindful of her final words from the first: "Maybe it's enough that the world thinks I'm a hero". Her wife is dead, and her secretary/former paramour Pam is suing.

Calling himself The Whizzer and insisting he has super-speed, Coleman is (ironically) pretty quickly shown the door. In the first few episodes, there's a storyline that seems directly inspired by #MeToo movement, featuring an aging director who preys on young actresses. Jessica's ability to help Trish deal with her mother is one example.

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The subject matter of Jessica Jones is a psychological thriller, moreso than The Defenders which was a big fun action piece.

Now, at the start of Season 2 - premiering Thursday on Netflix - the former superhero reluctantly confronts her abuse at the hands of the shady special forces division (IGH) following a vehicle crash that killed her entire family. Chang Consulting Management is a large private investigating firm that is highly threatened by Jessica's growing clientele.

Well it seems that one limited run of The Defenders is all that's planned as Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter revealed this week while talking about the critical reception the series received previous year. Jeri is always up to something, though what, exactly, remains to be seen.

While Kilgrave and Jessica were a powerful allegory for abusive relationships, their story was couched in a veneer of science fiction.

Episode 13's Playland appears to be another Kilgrave callback, with a horrified Jessica surrounded by photos, reminiscent of Kilgrave's shrine to her that she discovered in season one. It makes for uncomfortable moments between the two of them, but it's also a comfort to see a real, complex female friendship on television.

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