James Harden Confirms 'Call of Duty: Black Ops IV' Is Indeed Coming

1 of 5It's Christmas in March

1 of 5It's Christmas in March

The rumors that Black Ops IIII is the next Call of Duty are now helped along by Kotaku's sources and a Tweet from James Harden wearing the official Black Ops IIII logo. The logo was first seen on a hat worn by Houston Rockets guard James Harden, along with an all-camo jacket and trousers. Instead of the Roman numeral "IV, ' the new one has four vertical stripes highly reminiscent of the aforementioned logo". A source speaking to Kotaku added that Harden's hat is indeed the logo for Black Ops 4 game.

Out of the blue, Activision have released new content for 2015's Call of Duty entry, Black Ops 3. However, reports now claim that similar to previous versions, Black Ops 4 will be set in a near-future setting. The ultra-violent franchise has had a whole heap of best-selling games across a load of story arcs such as Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ghosts, etc.

Now, it has been said that the title will be written as Black Ops IIII.

E3 2018 is scheduled for June where Sony will show the next Call of Duty in detail and it is expected to be playable on the show floor.

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Secondly, Black Ops III continues to sell quite well, even with Infinite Warfare and WWII on shelves. Besides Harden's COD merch, COD insider CharlieIntel also shared an image from a tipster listing Black Ops IV related merchandise such as t-shirts and lanyards on Gamestops internal database.

We've asked Activision for comment.

Whether we will see this announcement before E3 this year is hard to guess.

Activision has not yet stated what Call of Duty 2018 is formally going to be, though it is TreyArch's "turn" to make a game in the yearly rotation.

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