Teachers spar with lawmakers as pension bill passes committee

Teachers spar with lawmakers as pension bill passes committee

Teachers spar with lawmakers as pension bill passes committee

A feeling of cautious optimism about the announcement turned into an atmosphere of celebration following the bill's passage through both chambers.

Senate Bill 48, which is sponsored by State Senator Julie Adams, sets the minimum age to get married in Kentucky at 18.

Teachers must contribute a defined amount of their annual pay to the health fund, but the revised bill requires the board of the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System to increase member contributions by up to 1 percent annually under certain conditions.

But there was never much doubt the measure would clear the committee. The bill was controversial, some claiming government control, and others claiming conservationist. The bill now returns to the House for more debate.

House Speaker Steve Harshman, R-Casper, has pushed HB 140 hard and presented the legislation in Monday's meeting.

Eileen Recktenwald, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, once said the current law in the state 'legalized rape of children'. "No, I don't!" said Democratic Sen. "We're going to do it in a reasonable and responsible way, the way it should be done".

"We had the exact same discussion - and we should have that".

"If we can't do it here in this small state, with our smaller legislature, to be honest with you, it's not going to happen anywhere", Providence resident Francisco Gonzalez added.

As of mid-morning Wednesday, the House hadn't made any changes to the Senate version. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, said, "This is not the way to conduct business or public policy".

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Hall went on to say that the state's six-year plan would support a 5 percent raise, and that's always been the case, he said. "That alone, for me, is a deal-breaker" in terms of supporting the bill, he said.

"I saw relief in people's faces today".

"I talked to my daughter that night about leaving and we talked about the things she wanted to do with her kids. Coupled with the MCOPS program we passed several years ago, this is another tool to keep our children safe in the classroom".

Rothfuss said he would support the amendment, but not the bill.

While some school districts already have school resource officers stationed in schools, and others have expressed interest in moving that direction, Democratic lawmakers opposed efforts to radically expand the presence of armed officers in schools across the state. Stephan Pappas, R-Cheyenne, voting "nay".

In the end, the bill was amended to include provisions that shooters needed to hold an "honest" belief their safety was threatened, whether "real or apparent".

Pollard, who has since divorced from her perpetrator, said the forced marriage left her feeling "totally trapped". "We can not put a dollar amount on someone's life or future".

"Who in their right mind would go to college and take on student loans to be a teacher?" she asked, "The salary is just not commensurate with that".

Armstead said Medicaid would be "last on the list" for cuts.

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