Wives more likely to donate a kidney

Wives more likely to donate a kidney

Wives more likely to donate a kidney

On March 8, 2018, the International Women's Day has coincided with World Kidney Day.

Men were five times less likely to donate a kidney to their spouse than women, but is selfishness the reason? Here are some tips on how everyone including women can prevent them by taking appropriate steps.

If you have any chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension or HIV or if you are on any long-term medications, you should be examined and have blood tests and urine dipstix every 6 months. This damage means your kidneys can not clean blood properly.

The campaign aims to sensitise the population to take cognisance of the prevalence of kidney disease and make active lifestyle changes.

Based on European data assessed, 36 per cent of women donate a kidney to their husband in clinically suitable cases. Over 2 million people worldwide now receive treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive. In regions of the world, women have less access to medical care than men. Women are more often affected by certain types of kidney diseases such as lupus nephritis (a kidney disease caused by an autoimmune disease) and pyelonephritis (kidney infection). These can then cause an obstructive nephropathy: any disease which causes obstruction of the outflow of urine, will result in back pressure on the kidneys and a reduction in the rate at which kidneys are able to filter.

She was diagnosed with early-stage kidney disease in her mid-20s and by the age of 27-year-old, Leanne was beginning down a diagnosis of stage 5 kidney failure, which is the HIGHEST!

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"And we're extremely excited about our sports day this year because again as we said it's all about the women". The kidney's filtration function usually remains normal during this period.

Get your urine tested for a protein called albumin. Anxious about your kidneys smelling like urine?

Kidneys are responsible for filtration of harmful fluids and wastes from the body. This can further lead to high blood pressure.

In 2017, 1,675 Australian lives were saved and improved through the generosity of 510 deceased organ donors and their families and 273 living donors, including 1,103 who received a kidney transplant from 435 deceased and 271 living kidney donors. The inability to control that organ system can be an embarrassing, painful, and unhealthy way to live, so finding ways to reduce the chances of contracting the disease, or reducing the symptoms if you do suffer from CKD is an important area of study.

"The theme of Kidney Health Week is 'Don't be blind to kidney disease", said Minister Wyatt. Exercising is a good idea because like healthy eating habits, regular physical activity can assist you with keeping your kidneys functioning properly. "I would have listened to the doctors, but you are in denial".

"The screening will aid in the prevention and early diagnosis of kidney failure through blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, Urine RE, BUE, as well as body mass index (BMI) screenings", Miss Ashley stated.

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