A film about worldwide intelligence should be smarter than 'Red Sparrow'

Jennifer Lawrence reveals why she hasn't had sex in a 'long time.' Stars just like

Jennifer Lawrence reveals why she hasn't had sex in a 'long time.' Stars just like us!Jessie Dean Altman Mar 09 2018@6:35 PM

Female action heroines don't need to exist in a film where every other woman their age is either a rival or an enemy.

A recent 2016 film "Atomic Blonde", starring Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent, and adapted from a graphic novel, was over the top. And Martha wasn't the only person to notice. If her only motivation is helping her mother, is it worth selling your soul to the Russian state?

Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) is a Russian ballerina who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's hard to enjoy watching Dominika seduce and destroy because she's acting against her will, forced to be a Sparrow to keep her mother cared for.

In the new film Red Sparrow, a Central Intelligence Agency officer walks alone in Moscow's Gorky Park. Dominika calls "Sparrow" the "whore school". In Red Sparrow, instead of rising above a corrupt world, Lawrence's Dominika simply becomes the most corrupt. "Red Sparrow" is the first book of the Red Sparrow trilogy and is followed by "Palace of Treason" and "The Kremlin's Candidate". Dominika's mother is trapped, as if behind the Iron Curtain, unable to get the medical care she needs. Lorraine, on the other hand, can not be fooled by hope, kind words or even love. So it's really pulling back the curtain on a lot of factors that go into espionage that I personally never knew about. Instead of treating audiences to a quick espionage thriller, "Red Sparrow" confronts its audience with almost two and a half hours of bleak brutality, and it's up for the viewer to decide whether or not that's a good thing. That's why the training, grueling as it was for me, was really important: to really study how these dancers push their bodies past the brink of being comfortable, and have to keep going-that is exactly what happens to Dominika when she starts becoming a trained spy: there is no stopping point.

The plot itself is one that's promising, even if slightly overused. Sex is much more than this, and so is good storytelling. It's hard to overlook, for example, the sheer number of sexual assaults Dominika is subjected to or the way the camera ogles its female lead with the same discomfiting gaze as her perverted boss.

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With a $44 million opening week haul (on a $69 million) budget, the film has potential to walk away with some respectable earnings - no doubt in large part due to Jennifer Lawrence's star power. While it's more revealing violence than most Cold War dramas, the slack pace and seen-it-before procedural details bleach whatever emotional tone might draw us in.

She is manipulated into the government's global spy and Kompromat agency by her uncle Vanya. GTFO. Clearly, a man made that decision.

Red Sparrow is not what we might expect from a normal spy movie. If I am being honest, I kind of liked it, but it felt like the plot revolved too much around making Dominika a sex doll.

At the outset, the sinister Vanya shows Dominika that he holds his late brother's girl deep in his heart - at a level that's uncomfortably submerged, as anyone paying attention will suspect early on.

Is Dominika a character you'd be interested in playing again? From there, she's given her first assignment. I think it's a question on which Christians should have a standpoint - hopefully one which goes a bit further than the old puritanical procreation argument. However, Lawrence, who is a delight in any role she plays, does a solid job as the ballerina-gone-secret agent. By the time the Russians strip Nate down and drag out what looks like a medieval cheese grater to shred his skin from his body while he screams bloody murder, the film has turned fatally implausible. This is something Patty Jenkins understands and it's why Wonder Woman set off a wave of ripples that Hollywood will desperately try to replicate.

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