No vote on pension reform as bill returns to committee

Bill allows Wyoming hunters to wear fluorescent pink

No vote on pension reform as bill returns to committee

If it ever passes the Senate, it'd still have to pass the House, where the current bill's chances are even less likely.

Lawmakers agreed to extend the session until midnight Sunday to vote on an $88.7 billion budget, a decision necessary to comply with a 72-hour "cooling off" period mandated by the constitution.

Bowen's plan would place new employees, including teachers, into hybrid cash-balance plans (combining some features of a 401-K style plan and some of a typical defined benefit plan) while retaining current benefits for existing employees.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has voted 195-129 to add gender identity to the protected classes in the state's anti-discrimination law. A Senate probe confirmed numerous claims.

"When I took my oath to become a physician, I swore to help the sick according to my best ability and judgment, but never with a view to cause injury or harm", said Delegate Matt Rohrbach, R-Cabell, a Huntington physician who has sponsored similar bills in the House. That vote is expected Saturday. "This is a time for all of us to come together, roll up our sleeves and get it done".

Two House leaders - both opponents of Medicaid expansion - got a personal taste of the Senate's deepening frustration with the House when they were invited into the Senate Republican Caucus on Thursday.

After a lengthy recess, McDougle said the Senate would wait until Friday to act on the resolution for a special session. "This is an important issue for all of us in this state", Rep. Lori Berman, D-Lantana, said before the House vote. "And we're going to afford them the opportunity".

Scott has refused so far to say if he'll sign the bill.

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Other critics of the bill say the amount of taxation the state has placed on the bill - 10 percent - is not enough.

Under Wyoming law the governor has line-item veto power, so he can veto specific items without nixing the entire budget.

The bill required diverting 35 percent of use tax revenue to counties and cities for road and bridge fix and maintenance.

The House version of the bill also aims to give MDOT more flexibility in spending the investment fund, whereas the Senate version would have stripped much of MDOT's spending authority and project flexibility, transferring much of the elected, three-member Mississippi Transportation Commission's spending authority to the governor.

Matt Robbins, superintendent of Daviess County Public Schools, said he does not support SB 1, but could support House Bill 539, a bill he said closely mirrors the "shared responsibility" plan education officials put forward past year.

Concerns were expressed on the Senate floor as they decided on changes to the school finance bill.

This set off an uproar on social media, as supporters of the bill claimed that the opposition was in support of child marriage, "kids marrying adults", and "the legalized rape of children".

Five percent of all use tax collections (approximately $15.5 million by today's estimates) will permanently fund the Local System Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program.

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