Wave of women crashes Texas primaries | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Wave of women crashes Texas primaries | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Wave of women crashes Texas primaries | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Statewide, with 88 percent of almost 7,700 precincts reporting, 976,000 Texans voted in Democratic Party primaries, compared to 1,476,000 voters in GOP's primaries.

About 1.5 million Republicans voted in the primary races on Tuesday, only slightly more than four years ago. What's more, at least three of those runoffs in May will feature women going head to head, including a key race for Democrats in their bid to take control of the U.S. House this fall.

Even if Democrats are able to win statewide races, Boehmer believes a major shift would need to happen in order for Texas to remain a blue state on a long-term basis.

He might have more than two-and-a-half years until his name is on a presidential ballot again, but things are not looking great for President Trump's reelection.

If you do not live in Texas, you may not fully appreciate its sheer size and how much it costs to reach voters here.

But while there were some successes down the political ladder, from first-time candidates running for state legislature and judgeships, the blue voter turnout seen in 2018's first primaries demonstrated that it will be years before red-run Texas becomes politically purple, despite its diversifying demographics. In special elections and off-year elections across the country, the Democrats increased their performance almost everywhere, including winning back some state legislative seats. In November that year, the Democrats running for statewide office were all beaten, just as they have been since 1994.

Texas women dominated in dozens of congressional, legislative and statewide primary races on Tuesday night in the wake of federal elected officials retiring, the #MeToo movement, mounting frustration over a lack of elected women and President Donald Trump's win in 2016.

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In the 10th District, where Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock will square off against the victor of a seven-person Democratic primary field, 44 percent of voters said they would prefer a Democrat to 34 percent who prefer a Republican.

It is clear that House Democrats have no intention of helping House Republicans provide a pay raise for our teachers, and that we must use funding measures that do not require Democratic support to pass.

Amid the fairly large swings in the congressional generic ballot over the last three months, the odds of a Democratic takeover of the House have gone from very high to shockingly low to reasonably strong.

Was President Trump a factor in the Texas primary?

For Republicans, the primary was a vivid exhibition of the Trump effect on GOP politics.

Some of Democrats' energy is reflected in the number of candidates running. The victor, who is the wife of Attorney General Ken Paxton, had Patrick's backing and ran on a platform to the right of outgoing state Sen. The conflict could start in the gubernatorial contest between Lupe Valdez and Andrew White.

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