Bill To Address School Shootings Fails To Advance In Washington Senate

As amended, the bill would earmark $991,000 for improvements to the database, known as the prescription drug monitoring program, so that it can interface with physicians' offices and electronic health records used by doctors.

The bill says anyone marrying a 17-year-old can't be more than two years older, and minors need parental consent.

The legislative session is scheduled to adjourn Saturday. "A user fee increase with the gas tax would be the far easier way to fix MDOT, but there just aren't the votes there to do that".

The bill is headed to the governor's desk for signature.

The Senate passed its version of the so-called "benevolent" tax credit renewal. "They're humane, they're decent and they do help a very bad bill".

While the measure is nearly sure to pass the Republican-controlled Senate, its fate isn't so clear in the House, also controlled by Republicans 63-37. Bob Nicholas, who was representing the House. If signed by Scott, it would extend resign-to-run requirements to state and local officials who run for congressional seats. Also requires each locality to have a local tourism advisory committee including five travel industry appointees "or any community leaders".

Abortion. House Bill 454 would ban an abortion procedure known as a "D & E" for women who are at least 11 weeks into their pregnancy except in medical emergencies.

That seems to be just fine with the dozens of teachers who protested here, saying they will be back in Frankfort every day as long as this bill is still on the table.

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"This legislation is not ideal, make no mistake, but, for anyone who has been yelling about mental health and making sure risky individuals can't get their hands on a firearm, that is exactly what this bill does", added Skoufis in a statement.

Federal law allows waivers for counties if their 12-month average unemployment rate is above 10 percent, or if their 24-month average unemployment rate is 20 percent above the national average.

The House bill passed 80-19.

Once again, it appears West Virginia legislators have lacked the nerve to do much, if anything, about waste and inefficiency in the state budget. "Our Rainy Day Fund is unchanged", said House Finance Chairman Eric Nelson before the amendment was adopted.

"I for one am not satisfied with what we did with reductions", Senate President Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, said prior to the vote.

A motion Friday in the House to suspend constitutional rules and put Senate Bill 152 up for a vote failed on party lines, with Democrats blocking majority Republicans' effort to have the budget completed going into the final day of the session.

Before taking an evening break, Rep. Donald Burkhart, R-Rawlins, suggested that committees were set to work on both construction and education later that night. Solon, which the Senate passed unanimously. The House's preference isn't clear, although both bodies found three other candidates qualified for the job in addition to Watkins.

As of March 8, the bill awaited the governor's action. In hopes to increase roadway safety, HB 33 passed a Senate committee this week and now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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