O'Rourke plans for Senate race after winning Texas primary

National eyes were on Republican Rep. John Culberson's 7th District in the Houston area, and specifically, Laura Moser - the candidate the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee attacked as incapable of winning a general election over comments in articles the journalist and activist had written while living in Washington. Ted Cruz and Democratic upstart Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

Should Republicans be anxious about losing more ground to Democrats?

After weeks of speculation over increased Democratic early voting turnout in the Texas primaries, polls in the state finally closed on the evening of Tuesday, March 6.

"The Democrats are showing up in big, big numbers".

Mr. O'Rourke has been raising more money than Mr. Cruz in recent quarters and has tried to awaken a dormant Democratic vote in rural parts of Texas by relentlessly holding town hall-style meetings.

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Eight months before the midterm election, Democrats now have an 8.9 percent generic congressional ballot advantage nationally in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. He's captured the attention of national media and drawn large crowds during his campaign, but in February, a University of Texas / Texas Tribune poll found that almost 40 percent of voters still had never heard of O'Rourke or had no opinion of them. "Or we could walk the walk". He said he's organized town halls "in virtually every community in the state of Texas" since being elected but he now focuses on policy and defending the president - a departure from the fiery days of 2012 or 2016. "He's running for the U.S. Senate in Texas".

Nothing Ted Cruz does is done without calculation. The turnout for Republicans was mostly in line with primary midterms in 2014 and 2010. But Democrats had a higher percentage increase. For all the buzz around the race, CNN has reclassified his seat only from "Safe GOP" to "Likely GOP".

Another 12 percent said they did not view him favourably or unfavourably.

"I've got to face my kids and my conscience and do the right thing when we have the opportunity to do the right thing", O'Rourke said. Gina, Lizzie, and Lillian need your help to win their runoffs.

The Texas primary did put on display the surge in women running for office to resist Trump. "Texas results confirmed the conventional wisdom that millions of Democrats can't wait to express their displeasure with President Donald Trump at the polls", Rasmussen continued.

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