Soon After Governor Signs Gun Bill, NRA Sues to Block It

Soon After Governor Signs Gun Bill, NRA Sues to Block It

Soon After Governor Signs Gun Bill, NRA Sues to Block It

Minutes after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a historic gun control bill Friday, the National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit alleging that the new law violates the Second Amendment because it raises the sales age for guns from 18 to 21.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill backed by relatives of Parkland school shooting victims that restricts access to firearms and paves the way for some school staff to be armed. It also would create a so-called guardian program enabling school employees and many teachers to carry handguns if they go through law enforcement training and their school districts agree to participate.

Democrats, meanwhile, were quick to fault Scott and legislators for failing to include a ban on some types of semi-automatic rifles such as the one used in the Parkland shootings.

"What I'm proud of in this state is that we reacted to a awful situation", Scott said after signing the bill Friday.

"We urge you to honor your instincts and act to keep additional firearms from our schools unless they are in the hands of trained law enforcement personnel", the letter from the Florida Education Association said.

It also argues the bill breaches the 14th amendment's equal protection clause by banning law-abiding citizens between 18-21 from buying guns.

The law's passage came as a surprise to many in Florida, where lawmakers had failed to enact legislation after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016, which left 49 dead, and the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport that killed five people previous year. If Scott does not veto the bill, it will automatically become law after 15 days.

Bill Nelson this year, has said the legislation shows Florida can move quickly and "get things done", unlike the federal government.

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The legislation will also raise the age to buy rifles to 21 from 18 and also require a three-day waiting period for long guns.

"Obviously, this is what we've been fighting for".

Scott had to sign something quickly, in the wake of a school shooting that killed 17 students in Parkland, FL, and the arrest of a teenager in Vermont who police allege was preparing for an imminent mass attack.

"I called on the Legislature to give me a bill that will allow us to make our schools far safer, allowing for a much greater law enforcement presence, and for hardening our school buildings", Scott said at a Friday press conference.

"This bill is not flawless, and sadly it will not bring back the 17 lives lost in the horrific school shooting, but the safety of our children is not a political issue, it's simply the right thing to do", she said.

"The community's demanding action, they want something done", said Rubio on CBS television. It's nowhere near the long-term solution, " said Grady, an organizer of the March for Life later this month in Washington, D.C. "It's a baby step, but a huge step at the same time". "My goal is that this never happens again to a parent in our state", Scott told reporters.

This legislation makes significant reforms to make Florida schools safer, while keeping firearms out of the hands of mentally ill and unsafe individuals.

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