Browns' recent moves make strong indication towards 1st overall pick in draft

It was assumed the Browns would target Cincinnati's AJ McCarron, whom they tried to land in a trade last season before the deal was squelched when the teams failed to properly file paperwork to the league. White speaks highly of Taylor, but admits what has always been the consensus on the new Cleveland signal-caller: He's not a franchise quarterback.

The Browns took the Packers to overtime in their meeting, and Kizer's potentially game-winning touchdown throw was foiled when linebacker Clay Matthews hit his arm as he was about to throw.

According to reports, The Bills will receive a third-round pick (65th overall) in exchange for Taylor. The team has reportedly been considering taking him with the first-overall pick in the draft, and if they end up with a quarterback in free agency, that makes it all the more likely.

They're the first trades John Dorsey has pulled off since the Browns hired him as general manager on December 7.

The trade for Talib, like three others the Rams have made since the end of the 2017 season, will not become official until Wednesday when the new National Football League year begins. When he was the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs a year ago, he traded up 17 spots in the first round to select Patrick Mahomes, with the intent of having him be the successor to Alex Smith. The Browns will benefit from having far more cap space than any team in the NFL. Even if he is bridge quarterback, he is a solid option to carry the offense. He recently said his rehab from that injury is going well, but he also noted that he has struggled with knee and shoulder issues and been limited to about one practice per week because of them.

This fresh start with the Browns could be what he needs to possibly establish himself as a formidable long-term starting quarterback as he will a few promising offensive weapons around him with a pair of Pro Bowl-talent wide receivers with Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry. The fact that Taylor has the potential to be a dual-threat quarterback adds to the mix as well.

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Before landing Taylor, Cleveland was expected to target a veteran in free agency.

What a whirlwind day - and the Browns got better on Friday.

Who else is out there? However, their recent trade for Taylor should have very little effect on their draft plans.

Or the Browns front office believe Taylor is the guy to turn the team around with Barkley.

The embattled corner had 4 interceptions last season (3 came in 3 consecutive weeks), but was also a headache for coach Mike McCarthy and the Packers staff.

"Not long after Dorsey's trifecta, Thomas tweeted: "@Browns are en fuego!

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