Democrat holds slim lead on eve of PA-18 election, poll finds

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Democrat Conor Lamb is gaining ground in Pennsylvania's closely watched special election and holds a 6-point lead over Republican Rick Saccone, according to a poll released a day before the race.

Rick Saccone, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district, takes questions form reporters last week in Pittsburgh. "There's no one I'd rather have in my corner than President Trump".

If Saccone wins, his re-election in the fall will not necessarily be any easier, since a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision means the district in which he runs in November will be less Republican than the district as it is now drawn.

But the recipients were Democrats in Allegheny County, likely in hopes of suppressing turnout among the more liberal Democrats who live in the Pittsburgh suburbs that make up that part of the district; a group of voters that supports more restrictions on guns.

If Saccone wins on Tuesday, he has said that he would seek re-election in the 14th Congressional District, but if Lamb wins, he is expected to go run in the 17th Congressional District taking on incumbent Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus.

Saccone reiterated his support for Trump, which has been a key feature of his campaign, alluding to his Air Force service and saying that he would be "flying wingman" for the president.

Still, political observers say Trump's backing may not be enough. "Steel is back and aluminum is back too". While we don't agree with a lot, maybe most of what he stands for, if he weren't president tomorrow, Paul Ryan would still be there, and he would still be trying to gut Medicaid.

But Lamb's local campaign has pulled in more money than Saccone's, and is riding a tide of grassroots enthusiasm that has brought Lamb within striking distance of his more experienced opponent. By early March, an Emerson College poll had Lamb up by three points while a Gravis Marketing poll had Saccone up by the same amount. It took Trump less than two years on the job to turn it into a toss-up.

"I think they know they're in trouble, and this is going to look really bad for the president and the party", she said.

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"I think what's happening is, there's some buyer's remorse going on". "It's about time, we had to do something about the tariffs".

He even traveled to the state Saturday to hold a raucous campaign-style rally, at which he mused on topics including giving drug dealers the death penalty, Celebrity Apprentice ratings, and the supposed attractiveness of his younger self.

By contrast, he said, Democrats "are the party of sanctuary cities".

It shows once again that, all-in or not, Donald Trump's endorsement doesn't mean as much as many Republicans would like it to mean.

Trump's fiery populism, which included pledges to curb immigration, re-open shuttered factories, and strengthen the military, helped win the White House.

The new slogan will be "Keep America great!" with an exclamation point, Mr. Trump said at the rally.

Donald Trump Jr. toured Sarris Candies in Canonsburg Monday afternoon, sampling chocolates and ice cream while criticizing Democrats and encouraging the company's workers to vote for congressional candidate Rick Saccone.

"North Korea has not conducted a missile test since November 28, 2017, and has promised not to do so through our meetings". "I do not believe, as (Republican House Speaker) Paul Ryan does, that these are entitlements or another form of welfare".

The President's comments aligned with what a South Korean official had said Thursday about the possible talks.

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